31st October 2019

Marc wants to invest his savings, what about you?

Over time, Marc has amassed a small amount of money in his savings account. With how interest rates have been developing over the past years, this means that his savings are currently mostly catching dust. This is one of the reasons, why he has been tempted to invest part of it: to get movement into some of his savings.

After reading up on it and opening a securities account, Marc feels ready to take on the challenge of investing into investment funds by himself. Middle or long-term: the goal is to find an investment that matches his profile and expectations. Good for him that lux|funds is inherent to the idea of mutual funds accessible to everyone, giving him the possibility to put some of his earnings to use.

Middle or long-term: the goal is to find an investment that matches his profile and expectations.

Easy consultation, easy investment

lux|funds offers a broad range of investment funds with different risk levels fitting every investor profile.

Any information on the investment policy, fees and especially the past performance of the subfunds over different periods can be found here.

+24,92 %

Yield over 5 years*

Once your choice is made, you will be redirected to S-Net when clicking the “Subscribe” button to carry out a safe transaction. From there on you can use S-Net to easily monitor your investments and keep track of its evolution. If Marc doesn’t want to invest his money all at once, he can open a monthly standing order with S-INVEST.

Why invest in funds?

Since Marc has not enough knowledge in the investment area, he has no particular interest in purchasing separate shares or bonds, which is much more risky.

Why lux|funds?

With investment funds, you benefit from a good diversification. Plus, your assets are managed professionally. Spuerkeess has 30 years of experience in managing mutual funds with respect to each investment. Furthermore, with a scale from 1-7, getting an overview over the risk profile of the different subfunds is easier.

No better time than now: since lux|funds is celebrating 30 years, Marc has the chance to get 30% off his lux|funds subscription fees with Spuerkeess until 31.12.2019.

So what will it be for Marc: money market funds, bond funds, asset allocation funds or equity funds?

*5 year performances of the LUX-PORTFOLIO BALANCED subfund based on the net asset value of the accumulating units of October 17th 2019. The indicated historical performance levels are not a guarantee of similar growth in value in the future. Losses of value cannot be ruled out, and Spuerkeess may not be held liable for them.
Disclaimer: The product presents a risk of capital loss. The redemption value may be less than the amount of the initial investment. Please note that the LUXFUNDS range may only be distributed in Luxembourg.
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