8th November 2019

Apple Pay: mobile & contactless payment available

We all have had situations like these: you leave the house in the morning, your thoughts are all over the place. The baby didn’t sleep all night, the dog kept waking you up, or the neighbours kept partying until late in the night. But when the alarm goes off at 6 a.m., life goes on: and it happens! You forget your wallet. What now?

homme assis dans un fauteuil qui paye avec son ordinateur

Pay without a hassle with Apple Pay

Choosing a phone brand is no easy task. Sophie and Marc have strong opinions on the issue, but do not agree. Now that Spuerkeess has launched its Apple Pay service, Marc is the clear winner in this discussion.

Moien Apple Pay!

A few days ago, he received an S-Net Mobile notification: Apple Pay is available from 05/11/2019 on. The joy is clear, even though he is tired, Marc manages a joyful leap, because this means that paying in stores and online just got way easier.

Want to set up Apple Pay? With your S-Net Mobile app, there's nothing easier than that!

Make life easier with Apple Pay

Since their baby’s birth, sleep has become sparse and thoughts are becoming more and more scattered – no wonder Marc keeps forgetting his wallet when he leaves. This could not happen to Sophie, since her purse probably equals the weight of a cinder block.

Shopping without your purse

Now, when Marc walks the neighbourhood with Lily, he can stop to get an ice cream or flowers for Sophie, even when he forgot his wallet! Since he is always wearing his apple watch and usually brings his phone along, this saves space, time and nerves.

The advantages of paying with your smart devices?

Mobile payment is similar to contactless payment with your debit and credit card. Your limit is the same as the one you have for your physical card that you registered for using Apple Pay. The limit of your standard card has been reached? No worries, just select another card on the display to be able to finalize the payment.

A secure way to pay

Marc can now enjoy the advantage of secure purchases, not just when he’s on the run, but also when he’s at home, buying baby clothes online and finally being able to use his laptop or tablet to pay.

Not sure where you can use Apple Pay? Look out for these symbols, to see if Apple Pay is available.

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