1st December 2021

With Payconiq, send money via the S-Net Mobile application, it’s easy and fast!

Pay your invoices by scanning a QR code with your mobile phone, or send money just by indicating the beneficiary's telephone number; who would have thought that would be possible only a few years ago? And yet, that's just what has happened. Today, all you need to have on you to make a payment is your smartphone.

S-Digicash has become Payconiq and is now incorporated in S-Net Mobile

Now you will no longer need a separate application on your smartphone, as you have direct access to Payconiq’s practical features via your menu in the S-Net Mobile application. 

Whether you are a new Payconiq user or an already existing customer, you will see Payconiq appear in your menu, once you are connected to S-Net Mobile.

Initial connection

Activate the features directly by clicking on Payconiq in the S-Net Mobile menu. Then follow the steps indicated on the screen to register for Payconiq.

After successfully completing your registration

Make your payments with your mobile phone, by going to Payconiq using the S-Net Mobile menu, and then selecting from among the actions “Send”, "Scan” or “Request”.

Find all the previous features with Payconiq, now incorporated in your S-Net Mobile application.

The payments that were possible to make with S-Digicash, are still possible with Payconiq in S-Net Mobile.

1. Paying for your purchases in shops and restaurants in the Benelux

Hold your smartphone close to the payment terminal or scan the Payconiq QR code on the receipt (restaurants) to pay. Then all you have to do is confirm the transaction and it is settled!

2. Doing your shopping on the Internet

A purchase on an e-commerce website or in an application, without even having to indicate your credit card number!

Simply scan the Payconiq QR code, validate your payment and it’s paid.

3. Paying your invoices

The tedious entry of a transfer is a thing of the past. Today, you can pay your invoices faster by scanning the Payconiq QR code which is printed on it and the transaction is initiated. Validate the transaction and it's done. No need to manually indicate the amount, the beneficiary and the reference. Convenient, isn’t it?

4. Sending money

With Payconiq, “I forgot to take out money from the ATM” is no longer an excuse!

Click on “Send”, indicate the name or the mobile phone number of the person to whom the money should be sent, as well as the amount, and validate your payment.

5. Requesting money

Nothing could be simpler than being able to request money via your smartphone! Click on “Request” and indicate the amount of your request. You then have two possibilities: ask the counterparty to scan the Payconiq QR code which appears on your screen, or send it a link via a messaging application, such as “Messenger” (or: SMS, WhatsApp, Mails, etc.) which enables it to respond to your request by clicking on it.

Thanks to Push notifications in S-Net Mobile, you are informed of any funds entering your current account.

A transaction history to keep track of your spending

All the transactions made in the last 30 days are visible in your transaction history. Therefore, you maintain control over your spending and can verify at any time when and to whom you have made a payment.

In addition, all transactions made with Payconiq are visible at all times in your current account activity, in S-Net and S-Net Mobile, and entered on your account statement.

Download the S-Net application for free

Take your bank with you and do all major banking transactions 24 hours a day.

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