Luc Sinner
Deputy Head of Marketing
19th February 2021

4 good reasons to boost your environmental commitment by investing “green”

Reducing the use of plastic, taking public transport, buying second hand, eating local...the list of small actions that can improve our consumption habits has no limit when it comes to protecting our planet. We have all started, in our own ways, to implement these changes in our daily routine and we are becoming more and more responsible. Thus, aren’t we neglecting another important factor?

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1. You, as an individual, can influence more than you think

Adapting your daily consumption towards greener products and services has a double effect. On one hand it has a direct, short-term impact on CO² emissions and waste production. On the other hand, it has a more lasting, long-term effect as it pushes brands and companies to produce more green alternatives and consider the impact on the environment  as a key feature of all their products.

However, did you know that there is another way for you to incentivise companies to be more eco-friendly? Well, by investing into green investment products, you show them that not only their consumers care about nature, but their shareholders too.

By investing into green investment products, you show companies that not only their consumers care about nature, but their shareholders too.

Luc Sinner - Deputy Head of Marketing

2. Money on a savings account brings less than you might expect

Let’s imagine that you could make more out of your money, not only for your personal purchases but also for the environment. In today’s* context, switching money from your savings to investments, would potentially have a better yield because of the currently low interest rates. In fact, the inflation eats up all your savings-returns, if you don’t take action.

*Past performance of an investment product does not predict future returns.

If, for example, you have 0,1% interest on your savings account and the inflation is at around 1%, you will for sure lose purchasing power over the years, while you think that you’re actually “saving” money.

3. There is no reason to expect lower returns

Morningstar*, the financial services firm, has studied the performance of the Sustainability Index family and found out that sustainability does not appear to be a drag on performance on the market level.

In other words, choosing a sustainable investment product doesn’t mean that you have to expect lower returns. Knowing that, investing in sustainable products represents an attractive alternative.

4. Green products are easy to invest in

Creating your tailor-made fully green portfolio of investment is as simple as contacting your Spuerkeess Personal Banker. Between the two green investment products offered by Spuerkeess, which are LUX-EQUITY Green and LUX-BOND Green, your Personal Banker will make you the best proposal based on your requirements and individual situation.

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