19th December 2022

S-Net Mobile awarded best mobile banking application in the country

A recent independent study, conducted by SIA Partners, named S-Net Mobile the best mobile banking application in Luxembourg. We took the opportunity to talk to the heads of the S-Net teams in the Business Innovation and Digitalisation departments. Daniel Madariaga, Team Manager; David Goergen, Assistant Team Manager; Alain Scholtes, Deputy Head of Business Unit, and Christophe Medinger, Deputy Head of Business Unit, explained to us how S-Net Mobile differs from the competition.

Daniel, David, Alain and Christophe, first of all congratulations to you and your teams!

Can you tell us briefly about the benchmarking study in which S-Net Mobile emerged as the best mobile banking application in the country?


The benchmark is in fact an evaluation of different banking applications from an end-customer perspective. As this benchmark is carried out at regular intervals, it allows banks to compare the development of their application with the direct competition and the overall market development. 

It is important to note that this exercise is not commissioned by the banks and there is no charge for participation, which allows for an objective and unbiased judgement.

In practice, the consultant analysed our S-Net Mobile application and evaluated it according to his own criteria. The focus was on the breadth of the various functionalities offered, the ease of use and the love for detail, elements that ultimately make the difference in the day-to-day use of an App. 

Pour définir le score final de chaque banque, les résultats ont été pondérés selon différents facteurs comme l’utilité pour le client final, le degré d’innovation, la simplicité d’utilisation, etc...

To determine the final score for each bank, the results were weighted according to various factors such as

  • usefulness for the end customer,
  • degree of innovation,
  • ease of use, etc.

We are proud to announce that in the SIA Partners study, S-Net obtains the best result in Luxembourg. On a global level, S-Net is ranked among the digital challengers.

Considering the colossal resources available to large foreign banking groups and the degree of innovation attributed to neo-banks, we can be extremely proud of this result.

The study also showed us how fast the market is changing. To be among the best, you have to constantly innovate and listen to your customers.

What do you think is the recipe for S-Net Mobile's success?


S-Net's success is the result of a long process of co-creation with our customers and a passion shared by our teams. We are proud to see that this benchmark honours the efforts made by Spuerkeess in recent years in terms of investment in digitalisation and innovation.

The trust and loyalty of our 250,000 S-Net users is proof to us that the application meets the needs and expectations of our customers.

At the team level, this ranking motivates us even more to surpass ourselves every day to develop our "baby".

According to SIA Partners, S-Net Mobile offers many more features than competing applications and the gap between the 2022 and 2021 studies has widened significantly. Can you tell us more about these innovations that made the difference?


It is undeniable that S-Net offers the most complete range of services in Luxembourg, not only in terms of basic functionalities, but also in terms of more advanced functionalities such as our Personal Finance Manager (MIA), our tax return assistant (MyTax) and our SpeedInvest robo adviser.

We were the first bank in the market to offer the aggregation of accounts held with other banks such as BIL, BGL, Raiffeisen and many others. Since then, we have been continuously expanding our offer. For example, we have recently integrated neo-banks such as N26 and Revolut.

Spuerkeess is also the only bank to offer a relationship that is 100% digital.

You and your teams certainly have other innovative ideas and projects in store. Can you give us an overview of the features and innovations that users can expect in the coming months and years?


The various studies clearly show that innovation is not an end in itself. At Spuerkeess, we have set up a co-creation process with our customers and we regularly organise interviews with our customers to identify their needs and expectations.

To give you a concrete example, we have just launched a feature that allows the customer to make an appointment with their advisor, either for a physical meeting or a video conference. While the functionality may seem basic at first glance, we quickly realised how different the needs are and that a structured approach is essential. We started by analysing the appointment scheduling features of several dozen companies, and then fine-tuned the different paths according to the "personas" (customer profiles) we had identified. This approach eventually enabled us to offer a smooth, pleasant and above all efficient appointment scheduling process for the customer.

The leitmotif of several features we will be offering in the coming months can be summarised as "saving our customers time and relieving them of their daily tasks", so we are actively working on the implementation of a solution that avoids our customers having to provide the same document to different companies X number of times when, for example, their identity card expires. At the same time, we are continuing to expand our bank account aggregation offering and will soon be offering our cross-border customers the possibility of aggregating the accounts they hold with Belgian, German and French banks.

Of course, we hope to further improve our position in the benchmarks of the various studies, but what matters most to us is the satisfaction and trust that our customers place in us every day.

We look forward to testing these new features.

Daniel, David, Alain and Christophe, thank you for your explanations and insights.

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