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Buy or lease a car?

Personal loan

Benefit from the most attractive interest rates to finance your major purchases

  • can be taken out for amounts of EUR 5.000 or more
  • offers fixed monthly payments, thanks to a fixed rate
  • can be taken out for 12 to 60 months
  • offers a reduced rate for customers aged under 30 and Zebra Premium account holders
  • offers an attractive rate for buying an electric car
for a personal Zebra Premium loan of EUR 25.000,00 and a loan term of 60 months

Lease Plus

Thanks to Lease Plus, the only thing you’ll have to remember is to fill up the tank or to charge the batteries!

  • Financing: all-inclusive
  • Administrative management: all-inclusive
  • Insurance: all-inclusive
  • Maintenance and tyres: all-inclusive
  • Assistance: all-inclusive
  • With you: every step of the way

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