27th January 2022

Take out an online joint loan with S-Net!

When Shauna and her husband moved into their flat in Bonnevoie, they didn’t have children and swore by public transport. But as their family has grown, they now definitely prefer travelling by car. When Shauna learned that she was expecting twins, it was a wonderful surprise. But with not one but two children running around, how would she and her husband manage to get them ready every morning and take them to nursery without then missing their bus to work? Shauna and her husband quickly decided it was time for them to invest in a car to make their lives easier.

Make a joint purchase without visiting the branch

Shauna and her husband are the type of people who go for practicality over anything else. Both originally from the United States, when they came to the Grand Duchy they were very pleasantly surprised by all of Europe’s efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. And so if they’re going to get a car, they better get an electric one.

After seeking advice from friends, they visited a car dealer that offered a number of the brands among their top 5 options. Both Shauna and her husband agreed on the model they chose, which doesn’t happen all that often. Shauna always prefers practical, low-cost options, while her husband likes a bit more comfort and prestige.

And now they have agreed, all they need to do is contact their bank to apply for financing.

Or do they?

Making a loan application online

That was when Shauna’s husband remembered that when they last visited their friends Sophie and Marc, they had learned that it was possible to make a loan application on S-Net or S-Net Mobile without having to visit their branch.

While Shauna was busy changing the twins in the bathroom that evening, Marc explained how it works to Shauna’s husband. As both are Spuerkeess customers, they often talk about practical matters together, as since they became parents, they have realised they have similar needs and swap tips to help each other out.

Two S-Net agreements

With the twins asleep, Shauna and her husband, quote in hand, sit on the sofa in the car dealership with their smartphones at the ready. Shauna makes the application after logging into her S-Net Mobile.

She goes to the Store and clicks the “Apply” button next to “Personal loan” in the “Finance” category. She then has to enter a few personal details that are not up to date, then “Add a co-applicant”.

Shauna finds it all very intuitive and doesn’t need any help or explanations. She simply follows the instructions on the screen.

Her husband then logs into S-Net with his agreement. When he does so, he receives a notification that asks him to confirm Shauna’s request and also enter his details, which were not up to date either. And that’s it! Shauna can then finalise the request and in just a few minutes, the requested amount appears in their joint account. Both are amazed at just how quick the entire process is.

The car is theirs

Delighted not to have to wait or even go to their bank, they go back to see the dealership’s salesperson, who has just finished with a customer, to prepare the sales contract.

All the documents are signed and the salesperson will give Shauna a call in the week to let her know when their new electric vehicle will be delivered.

Shauna tells herself that it’s too good to be true. The twins have been quiet the whole time, napping in the stroller – a first!

But the peace and quiet has come to an end for Shauna and her husband – the stroller is now starting to rock gently… Time to go home!

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