18th June 2024

Buy or lease an electric vehicle?

As a transition enabler, Spuerkeess plans to contribute to the national target of electrifying 49% of Luxembourg’s car fleet by 2030. Thus, since 2018, the Bank has included electric vehicles in its Lease Plus offer, and these now account for 80% of the leases taken out by the Bank's customers. This very strong interest in electric cars is partly due to the desire to "consume better and more sustainably", but is also due to our attractive Lease Plus offers. Emir Mustafic, Business Developer - Private Lease at Spuerkeess, gives us the criteria to be taken into account when buying or leasing an electric vehicle.

Four criteria that help you decide whether to buy or lease an electric vehicle

1. Habits

Our habits change and evolve throughout our lives, which is why it's worth asking ourselves certain questions, in particular whether we always need to own certain things, such as a car, a house, etc. Or whether these material needs can simply be fulfilled by their being available for temporary use, after which they can be replaced as soon as they are no longer suitable.

2. The budget

Although electric vehicles are generally considered to be more expensive, it's the monthly payment that matters.

Whether repaying a personal loan or a lease, the customer's ability to repay plays an important role. So it’s worth comparing leasing offers with the terms of a personal loan to finance your vehicle.

3. Maintenance

Owning a vehicle means having to carry out regular maintenance to ensure that it lasts. With a lease, vehicle maintenance is fully covered. It's a way of enabling customers to get even more out of their vehicles without any constraints, and of keeping their vehicles in good condition with all the comforts they enjoyed from day one.

Lease Plus* benefits:

  • Insurance: all-inclusive

  • Maintenance and tyres: all-inclusive

  • Administrative management: all-inclusive

  • Assistance: all-inclusive

  • Support: step by step

*The Lease Plus offer is reserved for residents of Luxembourg.

Having the feeling of always being in a new car is priceless!

4. Resale

Today, the second-hand vehicle market has little or nothing to do with electric vehicles. This is due in particular to the rapid development of technology (e.g. a range of 200 km five years ago, and 500 km today).

But with a lease, the risk of the vehicle depreciating is not something you need to worry about!

What’s more, if you sell a vehicle, you have to do the paperwork by your own. But when you change your leased vehicle, you don't have to worry much about  the paperwork.

Spuerkeess has simple solutions for customers who want to go electric, and has leasing offers for all brands.

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