16th February 2023

"Spuerbéchs": a childhood memory!

You can't think about School Savings Day ("Fêtes de l'Epargne Scolaire") without also remembering the "Spuerbéchs"! Most of us still remember this special day in primary school, where we received our very first piggy bank from Spuerkeess. School Savings Day and the famous piggy banks are closely linked and represent the first occasion for children to learn about saving money.

The statutory mission of Spuerkeess includes the obligation to support the promotion of saving in all its forms among the population of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as well as in the context of financial education. The School Savings Day event has been in existence since 1961 and is also supported by the National Ministry of Education.

Even in a digitalized society, the School Savings Days have not lost their charm and schools are happy to participate every year.

The message is simple: You need money in your life, that’s why it’s important to set some aside!

Every year, Spuerkeess invites around 5,000 cycle 2.1 children from more than 160 primary schools to attend a specially produced play together with their teachers.

These shows provide a fun way of learning about the meaning of money and the value of saving and therefore play an important role in children's financial education.

This year, a piece entitled "Sing a song" was produced by composer and producer Robi Arend, well known nationally and internationally for his musical career with the band Saxitude and for his musical stories for children.

In this story, a twin sister and brother learn that you have to save money to achieve your dreams.

The story of the "Spuerbéchs"

At the end of the show, each child receives his or her “Spuerbéchs” (piggy bank) from Spuerkeess, together with a gift voucher for EUR 50 to be credited to a Tweenz savings account.

Most municipalities support the school savings initiative and are happy to contribute their own gift vouchers to the children.

The Tweenz savings account

The savings account for children between the age of 0 and 12.

La plupart des communes soutiennent l’initiative de l’épargne scolaire et contribuent volontiers en offrant leur propre bon cadeau aux enfants.

The "Spuerbéchs" has always been a small square earthenware money box produced by Villeroy & Boch.

The designs have changed over the years and there are now more than 50 different piggy banks, which have become collector's favourites!

What about you, do you remember your first "Spuerbéchs"?
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