9th January 2020

Best way to save in the New Year

The New Year has long begun but you seem to have forgotten all about your good resolutions? Don't worry! In order to refresh your memory, here are five useful resolutions on how to save in 2018.

1. Compare prices

Before buying any drill, look elsewhere to see if you can find a better deal. Only need to make two holes to hang a shelf? Rent the drill!

2. Kiss bad habits goodbye!

Do you forget about your yoghurts at the back of the fridge, constantly leave the lights on and already turn on the heat in your apartment in September? All that needs to stop right now!

3. Save in just one click...

...with MIA, your personal finance assistant. Set up automatic transfers to your savings account or your Speedinvest, calculate your available budget and much more. Yeah, sometimes it's that easy...

4. Clean house on your subscriptions and contracts

Did you subscribe to a gym but prefer to run outdoors? Do you have a subscription to an Italian newspaper that dates back to that time you took Italian classes at university? Basta così!

5. Take full advantage of sales and discounts in stores

Now is the time to dig out the coupons and vouchers hidden at the bottom of the drawer: at the end of the month your wallet will thank you!

Now that you've saved all this money, what do you plan on doing? Instead of spending it all again, you could invest your money and make it grow with Speedinvest! As a digital and automated investment product, Speedinvest takes into account your goals and your financial situation, in order to optimize the return on your savings.

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