7th July 2023

Applying for a home loan online? It's now possible via S-Net

Do you have a property project on the horizon for which you're already thinking about applying for a loan from your bank? Spuerkeess supports you and adapts to your needs. To make it easier for you to purchase your property, you can apply for a home loan directly online via S-Net, with the support of a Housing Advisor. Mirko Kessler, Team Manager of the Lending Division at Spuerkeess, explains why the bank wanted to digitalise its customer journey.

Digitalising its services to respond to the new habits of its increasingly connected customers

1. S-Net is the Spuerkeess application that allows customers to subscribe to products, services and much more. What new features will users find in S-Net when they apply for a loan?

We have extended the range of Spuerkeess products available on S-Net to include home loans. Our customers can now apply to purchase or build a property whenever they want, wherever they want and at their own pace, with the support of a Housing Advisor.  

2. In practical terms, how do customers go about applying?

The customer logs on to S-Net Desktop, goes to the STORE in the "finance" section and clicks on "Home loan". From here on, the application proceeds in four stages for the customer, who: 

  • fills in the details of his property project,  

  • communicates his personal data,  

  • indicates his financing plan preferences,  

  • imports the documents needed to complete the application. 

The interface is ergonomic and user-friendly, and customers are guided through every step.  

3. What happens after the application is submitted?

Applying for funding is only the first step in the process. Before the application is passed on for a decision, it is reviewed by a Housing Advisor. The customer is then contacted to personalise and finalise his request.  

Customers can view the progress of their financing application in their S-Net application, in complete transparency. 

In summary:  

  • Apply for a home loan anywhere, at any time, at your own pace;  

  • Support from housing experts throughout the application process; 

  • Transparent monitoring of progress via S-Net. 

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