21st March 2018

Spuerkeess has launched its blog

In need of tips or advice on financial matters? Well then, you might like our new blog! Luc Sinner, Deputy Head of Business Unit Marketing at Spuerkeess told us more about it.

Why did you choose to set up a blog?

For many of our customers, finance is not the most fascinating subject. Most of them do not wander around every day worrying about savings, retirement plans or investment opportunities. But when they do, they will find the answers to their questions on our blog. It is beneficial for both us and them, that they have a good understanding of their financial situation, their needs and the different products and solutions available.

Therefore, the aim of our blog is to give our customers food for thoughts, tips and tricks and good ideas on how to improve their current and future financial situation. From a marketing perspective, we as a company understand that today our customers are exposed to an overwhelming amount of messages. So, in order to remain a valuable source of information we have to give relevant, understandable and actionable content. That is what our different blog posts try to achieve.

What can we expect to find?

Our audience is very diverse and so is the content of our blog. There’s a category called Sophie and Marc’s adventures, which is all about a young couple whom you can follow in an easy to read and funny way through the ups and downs of their financial life. We have an Experts’ corner where you can find more detailed interviews with both external and Spuerkeess experts. Last, we have a Managing your finances category providing tips and tricks, ideas and suggestions on all aspects of your day-to-day finances.

I hope you’ll find interesting ideas, good pieces of information and from time to time a pun that will put a big smile on your face.
Luc Sinner - Deputy Head of Business Unit Marketing

Some articles focus on a specific situation, a financial need or an existing product and aim to improve the reader's understanding or to make him aware of an existing opportunity. Others provide insights on who we are, what we do and how we work to deliver the different products and services our customers use every day.

What does the blog’s future look like?

As the main focus is to provide relevant information to our customers, the blog will go, wherever our readers want it to go! We will collect their feedback and are open to all suggestions. We will try to diversify customer experience, using videos, animations and infographics. We will stay on top of and react to current events, as well as follow economic and financial trends.  We have a motivated team, highly qualified experts and more than 160 years of banking experience to build on.

I am convinced that following our blog will be both informational and highly entertaining!
Luc Sinner - Deputy Head of Business Unit Marketing