7th May 2020

School at home – Tutoring at home

Let’s face it; once we have left school, most things we learned about maths or languages are lost if we don’t use these matters in our every day life. This can become tricky later on, once your own child is struggling with one of these topics, up to the point that you wish somebody else was helping your kid with its homework (probably saving you lots of time and nerves).

The Axxess banking package is adapted to your children’s needs. Partner benefits, contests; being an Axxess customer means having access to numerous benefits.

How can our Axxess partners be of help in these challenging situations?

Be it homework, studying for papers, or just trying to keep up with the school syllabus, there is always something to work on. In the following we want to show you how three of our partner institutions will be able to help you in each of these individual cases.

Intellego Tutoring for primary school & high school students

Intellego connects you with students or graduates specialised in a specific subject. The pricing is adjusted according to the experience and school diploma of the teacher. Tutoring is available for all school subjects from primary school to high school levels and tutors are free to agree with the parents upon the location of the tutoring.

To keep their services up and running during the ongoing pandemic, Intellego currently offers online tutoring for students, with the possibility of tutors continuing to work with this option in the future.

Inlingua Language school

You can enroll children from 6 to 17 years old in Inlingua language classes taught in English, French, German or Luxembourgish throughout the school year or for intensive courses over the holidays. If your child is having problems with any of these languages, Inlingua practices a “learning by doing” approach. Through immersive methods, such as role-playing games, singing, discussions and debates, children practice lessons in a fun way.

Through its Kids&teens programme, Inlingua now also offers online tutoring & homework help in virtual classrooms using Zoom.

Berlitz International school for languages and continuing education

Berlitz is known for its language classes and youth leisure activities. They offer trainings in all living languages, intercultural and management skills. Instruction of the programmes is available through various methods (face-to-face, virtual, online, mobile, study abroad) and made to fit the specific needs of young students or children. Don’t worry, if you’re looking to freshen up your Italian for the upcoming holidays, Berlitz has packages for adults as well.

Berlitz offers several language programs:

  • Language Camps: from 7-17 years, equestrian sports, nautical sports, …. Many activities and excursions are taught in the language of your choice
  • Individual or group classes from 7 years on
  • Berlitz Holiday Academy during official school holidays (Linguistic Camps from 13 years on) – held virtually during the pandemic

Berlitz Lab: The day has come. You’ve reached day X of the quarantine, stopped counting how many times you’ve played Monopoly, there is no more flour left to bake cookies and it’s raining outside. Berlitz Lab offers several activities taught in your child’s native language or in another language via the platform Zoom: music, arts, cinema, video games and so on.

Family Study