The various types of financing Real estate loans suited to your lifestyle

Real estate loans suited to your lifestyle

You have found your dream house or apartment, and all you have to do now is take out a home loan with your bank. This is the point at which you wonder: fixed or variable rate? Your Housing Advisor is best placed to offer you financing solutions suited to your plans and, above all, to your personal and financial situation.

The different types of financing vary in terms of:

The type of interest rate
The type of interest rate
Fixed rate, variable rate or a combination of the two
The loan redemption method
The loan redemption method
Conventional loan, Flexibility Loan, with or without a bride loan,...

The various types of interest rates

After examining your application, the bank will offer you an interest rate for the redemption of your loan. This rate depends on the nature of the risk the bank bears, and the interbank refinancing rate. This refinancing rate fluctuates over time. With the choice between fixed and variable rates, you decide whether you want to follow these fluctuations in rates, or if you prefer to have the same rate over a set period.

Housing loan with a fixed interest rate

  • Provides security and comforting stability
  • Fixed-rate terms can run for 5, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25 or even 30 years
  • The option exists to choose a fixed-rate term shorter then the term of the loan to provide greater flexibility

Housing loan with a variable interest rate

  • Provides flexibility and greater adaptability as regards partial or total early redemption
  • The ability to benefit from market fluctuations if interest rates fall

Housing loan with a variable and a fixed interest rate

  • Flexibility for early redemption of part of the loan
  • Certainty regarding the monthly repayments for the other part of the loan
As you can see, all types of interest rates offer specific advantages. Together with your Housing Advisor, determine the most suitable rate for your plans and your personal and financial circumstances.

The various repayment methods

Your monthly repayment has two components, namely: redemption of the borrowed capital and interest payments. Spuerkeess offers a degree of flexibility with respect to these two components

The "conventional" housing loan

  • Monthly repayments comprising repayment of the principal and interest payments, calculated on the outstanding balance of the loan
  • Over time, the share of the principal repaid increases, while the share of interest payments decreases

Flexibility Loan

The Flexibility Loan reduces your monthly repayments and gives you greater flexibility when it comes to repaying your loan. It is a flexible formula that is suitable for all ages and all life situations.

For newly-active people, the Flexibility Loan makes it easier to become a homeowner by reducing the monthly repayments at the start of the loan.

For others, the Flexibility Loan provides for degressive monthly repayments, higher during working life and lower on retirement.

Spuerkeess offers a range of solutions to simplify the transition phase at the start of the loan:

Bridge loan

A bridge loan allows a home owner who decides to buy or build a new home to obtain a cash advance until the sale of his existing home is complete.

Loan solution pending the definite receipt of other funds, for example, a life insurance pay-out.

  • Transitional loan for a short period
  • Variable interest rate real estate loan
  • Redemption of the borrowed capital on maturity of the interim financing
  • A flexible and practical solution for owners wishing to stay in their house or flat until they have sold the current property to finance the new one
Bridge loan calculation example
Calculation basis Example
Estimated sales price EUR 400.000
Bank loan balance due EUR 100.000
Estate agent fees EUR 12.000
Redemption of government-backed aid /
= Bridge loan amount EUR 288.000 (72% of the value of the property)

BHW Housing savings scheme

  • Interim financing pending the maturity of your housing savings scheme
  • Redemption of this loan on allocation of the housing savings scheme
  • Attractive and beneficial tax treatment

Grace period When do I repay my housing loan?

Do you need to continue paying rent, or repay a loan on your current home, while your new home is being built or renovated?

Spuerkeess offers the option to start repayments only once you have moved in.


Think about the term of your loan, and whether you have other plans for the years to come.

Use our loan simulator, to give yourself an idea of your future loan and the monthly repayments.

If you have any questions or for more details, feel free to contact the experts at Spuerkeess!