How do you organise your real estate search?

Find your dream property

Your real estate project

Before you get started on buying your home, there are different types of project - you should ask yourself whether you want to purchase an existing property or start a new construction project. Here are some tips:

Where to start your search

When looking for your dream home, two things are essential: The property must be suited to your daily life and within your budget. Start by detailing these two elements.

Your daily life

Think carefully about your selection criteria such as:

  • geographical area
  • proximity to shopping malls, doctors, etc.
  • distance to your workplace
  • distance to schools
  • the type of property and its features: size, number of rooms, location, etc.

Once you have determined your criteria, you can start your search, via:

Advice from a real estate agency

Advertisements published on digital channels or in the press

Visits to real estate sites

Your dream home is already built

You want to purchase an existing property in its current state. This means that, once you have signed the deed of sale, it will be difficult to make a claim against the seller. It is therefore extremely important to pay attention before making the purchase.

Do you want to buy an apartment?

  • Talk to the owner about monthly fees
  • Check if work is planned by the general assembly of the condominium

Do you want to buy a house?

Check the general condition of the house, such as:

  • the roof
  • the heating
  • the windows
  • the electricity
  • presence of damp

Have you obtained answers to all your questions and would you like to buy the property in question?
In this case, you will sign a provisional sale agreement.

Our advice

Pay close attention to the terms and conditions set out in the contract, such as the validity date or the suspensive clause relating to the bank loan. The provisional sale agreement marks the sale!

Your Housing Advisor will be pleased to assist you with all the steps involved in taking out a real estate loan.

You will build your dream home

Would you prefer to build your new home?

A new construction – also known as an off-plan purchase – is a turnkey solution used for the construction of most apartments and also for houses.

Your advantages: benefit from a completion guarantee from the developer – your guarantee that the construction will be duly completed.

Do you want to go ahead with the project? The next step is to sign a reservation contract!

Our advice:

  • Read the specifications, which provide information about the construction work and services included in the sale price
  • Check the start date and obviously the completion date as well as details of what happens in case of a delay
  • Find out how invoices are to be paid according to progress in the construction work
  • Ask whether planning permission has already been granted

How to bring your project to life?

Prepare a financing plan!

Have you found a property that suits you? Perfect, with this concrete project in mind you can now establish your financing plan online.

A financing plan gives you a detailed overview of the costs to be taken into account for your purchase.

Calculate your monthly repayments!

With your financing plan, you now know exactly how much you need to borrow to purchase the property.

It is time to calculate your monthly repayments and apply for a loan with our online advisers.


Visit the property and find out about monthly fees and any planned work before signing the provisional sale agreement

Carefully analyse the plans, specifications and off-plan purchase contracts for a new construction

Properly analyse the features and condition of the property, taking into account its location

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