Documents to be provided for existing companies

  1. Organisation chart of the company identifying all the successive levels of direct and/or indirect shareholding as well as any underlying assets held by the company, specifying the percentage of shareholding and the natural person(s) ultimately holding the company
  2. Private agreement or partnership agreement;
  3. Recent extract from the trade register (less than 3 months old)
  4. Recent extract from the register of beneficial owners (less than 3 months old)
  5. Articles of association (or updated coordinated articles of association)
  6. Extract from the most recent trade register (less than 3 months old) and an extract from the RBE (register of beneficial owners) of all the entities involved in the holding chain shown in the organisation chart
  7. Copy(ies) of establishment authorisation(s) (or approval) if applicable (depending on the company's activity)
  8. Detailed annual accounts for the last 3 financial years in PDF AND XML format
  9. Last bank statement
  10. Documentation concerning partners holding 10% or more, the beneficial owner(s) and the manager(s)/director(s) who will have authority over the account(s) :  
    1. Colour copy of both sides of identity card/passport (valid - certified if other than EU)
    2. Private / legal address
    3. Civil status
    4. Professional status
    5. Certificate of residency
    6. If US PERSON : W-9 Form or W-8BEN Form
    7. TIN code
  11. For the beneficial owner(s) and the shareholder(s) holding 10% or more: an economic background showing their professional career, assets and liabilities and the primary origin of the funds.
  12. Domiciliation contract (if company domiciled)
  13. If the company is incorporated abroad: registration certificate (e.g. certificate of incorporation, certificate of incumbency less than 3 months old, certificate of good standing less than 3 months old)
  14. If listed company or parent company: proof of listing / proof of shareholding structure
  15. If bearer shares: extract from the custodian's register

Documents required upon request :

  1. Detailed business-plan
  2. LEI code (if selling/purchasing financial instruments)
  3. Bank reference for the company and/or for the various people involveds
  4. Extract from the shareholders' register for intervening companies
  5. Evidence of the source of the shareholder(s)' funds