General terms and conditions governing the use of the logo bank

Spuerkeess logos must be reproduced as shown in the logo bank. Any reproduction must be made using the original data file. Logos may not be redesigned or modified. The only permitted operations are enlarging or reducing the size of the logos, while preserving the proportions of the original.

For more information on the reproduction of Spuerkeess logos, please contact the Marketing department (Tel.: 4015-2151/2152).

Download the logos All zip files contain different versions of the logo

Spuerkeess (12.5 MB - ZIP)

Axxess (8.3 MB - ZIP)

Dreamzz (7.7 MB - ZIP)

Tweenz (9.1 MB - ZIP)

The colour codes

Spuerkeess Red


R 222
G 000
B 000




C 0
M 100
Y 100
K 0

Pantone 032


Spuerkeess Blue


R 000
G 48
B 96




C 100
M 72
Y 0
K 38

Pantone 281


Spacing The following minimum distances need to be kept in any layout editing