Claude Faber
Team Manager
10th July 2023

MoveMe Saas begins pilot with and partners with Spuerkeess to streamline relocation process for students

MoveMe, a SaaS company in the relocation tech space, launched a pilot program offering automated and personalized assistance in the admission process for foreign students. During the pilot phase, MoveMe's innovative platform will be provided free of charge to a substantial portion of University of Luxembourg’s ( master students currently undergoing the admission process. This test will provide thorough understanding of the platform’s use, through meticulous usage analysis and feedback loops.


What is the story behind MoveMe?

MoveMe was born out of our personal experience when my brother Henry and I made the decision to move from Honduras to Luxembourg for our Master's studies. Recognizing the challenges and complexities involved in the relocation process and the lack of affordable solutions, we saw an opportunity to create a comprehensive platform that could provide personalized guidance and support. With our background in process engineering and our shared passion for entrepreneurship and innovation, we embarked on a mission to develop MoveMe into an IT solution to assist future students in their relocation journey. During our journey, we had the privilege of participating in the Young Enterprise Program where we met our coach and now Chief Operating Officer (COO), Gáspár Kocsis. Together with him and the invaluable addition of Francesca Pezzoli, we established MoveMe as an admin tech company with a primary focus on automating and streamlining the relocation process.

Can you briefly describe the administrative steps you help your users with?

Every user journey is different since the process varies depending on factors like nationality, age, studies, and many other variables. Using our in-app organizational tools, users receive step-by-step instructions and relevant information for each administrative step, including obtaining the authorization to stay and arranging medical check-ups upon arrival in Luxembourg. This time-saving approach minimizes errors and optimizes efficiency for both users and the Luxembourgish administration. Our exclusive partnerships with top service providers enable users to plan for essential needs such as banking, mobile phone services, and more, ensuring a smooth transition and a seamless experience in Luxembourg. & Spuerkeess

How does your partnership with work?

We are very proud to be able to run a pilot partnership with, since the beginning of MoveMe we realized that the best way to help the highest number of students is to reach them via the university, this is why the tool was developed by MoveMe and polished by the student services team at, creating a platform that will be extremely useful for their future students.

What do you expect Spuerkeess to provide to your users?

As the leading financial institution in Luxembourg, Spuerkeess brings invaluable support to our users. Through our partnership, we help students take proactive steps in their relocation process, such as opening a bank account before arrival. Spuerkeess provides comprehensive resources and tools, offering insights into banking practices specific to Luxembourg, ensuring a smooth transition and a positive experience for our users.

What are your medium and long-term objectives?

Our medium-term objective is to expand our service to cater to every student relocating to Luxembourg, incorporating their valuable feedback to continuously improve the platform. Additionally, we aim to extend our reach to include incoming talent to Luxembourg, fostering talent attraction and delivering value to individuals seeking to make this country their new home. In the long term, our goal is to establish ourselves as the go-to platform for seamless relocation experiences, supporting students and professionals in their journey to Luxembourg.

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