24th January 2022

One goal: get your dream car. Two solutions: leasing or loan

The difference between owning and leasing a car is solely based on the means to achieve one same goal: to get you your dream car!

1. Is leasing only an option for those unable to take out a loan?

Not at all! Lease Plus and Personal Loan are two different concepts but with the same goal: helping you get hold of the car that you want.

  • Do you prefer owning your car and being able to sell it later? Go for a loan!
  • Do you want to enjoy a new car with an all-inclusive package and only worry about filling up the tank? Lease Plus is for you!

2. What are the differences between a loan and an operating lease?

The only difference between Personal Loan and Lease Plus* lies in the concept: buy or lease? Both options have their advantages and are accessible to everybody! (*Lease Plus is available to residents of Luxembourg)

3. Do I have to choose from the Lease Plus car models offered by Spuerkeess?

No, you can go to any dealership in Luxembourg, choose the car and the options you want and take the quote to your Spuerkeess Lease Plus advisor. Our teams will put together a tailor-made lease just for you!

4. Why do you offer Best Deals?

If you find you don’t have the time or don’t necessarily feel like scouring a large number of garages and would prefer us to offer you a new, well-equipped car at the best possible price, then our Best Deals are made for you!

We work alongside certain dealerships to regularly offer models to suit all tastes, all at an unbeatable price.

5. Is the process of entering into a lease complicated?

No! All you need to do is to either choose a car among our best deals or pick one in any garage in Luxembourg and go straight with the price offer to one of our branches.

Concerning Personal Loan, no need to bring the car dealer’s quote, you can just apply for a loan online or in any Spuerkeess branch.

Would you like to buy a car together ?

From now on, you can apply for a joint Personal Loan, for you and your partner*, directly via the store in S-Net or S-Net Mobile.

And that in a few minutes, without having to go anywhere, provided of course that you both have an S-Net agreement.

*If your partner's data are not indicated in S-Net, please contact your branch.

6. Can I use the car in the same way even though I don't own it?

Absolutely! The only difference with a leased car is that you always contact Lease Plus customer service rather than the manufacturer's customer service department! Besides, Lease Plus gives you the choice of paying fixed monthly rents that cover all costs (tyres, maintenance, road and registration tax, insurance and MOT, etc.), whereas with Personal Loan you don't necessarily know what these costs will be in advance, and you have to pay them when they fall due – which is only to be expected, since you own the car!

7. Is it better to buy or lease when considering an electric car?

The value of a car decreases over the years, which implies a loss of money when reselling it. This is mainly due to the fact that, on the one hand, car technology is constantly improving (batteries that last longer for hybrid or electric cars, more innovative materials, etc.) and that the supply is constantly increasing. Leasing can be the solution to this loss. It all depends on the average length of time you usually keep your cars. If changing your car every 3 to 5 years is more appealing to you than keeping your car for 10 years, leasing may be more suitable for you.

At the end of the day, it’s simply a matter of choice!

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