24th December 2018

Investment - a timeless gift for yourself

This year, treat yourself to a gift that will keep on giving!

Treat yourself to a nest egg!

With a current savings interest rate close to 0 %, your money just lies dormant while an investment could make it grow. Besides, no need to invest huge amounts!

A profitable investment in the long term can start with modest amounts.


With S-Invest, you build a portfolio by choosing from Spuerkeess’ LUXFUNDS range of investment funds. You can deposit as little as 40 euros into your account per month or on an occasional basis according to your income.


Speedinvest, which you can subscribe to on S-Net and S-Net Mobile, is Spuerkeess' digital investment tool that allows you to invest money quickly and easily. And it starts at only 50 euros per month!

Speedinvest starts at 50 euros per month!

Harvest the fruits of your investment whenever you want!

Securities are medium and long term investments. However, if you want to enjoy the fruits of your investment sooner than expected - no worries! Speedinvest allows you to access and withdraw your funds at any time, free of charge. With S-Invest, you can withdraw your funds at any time by selling your securities.*

Your money works for you! Merry Christmas, or what?

Historical evolution of the Speedinvest strategies

Your Initial Investment
Your monthly payments
An investment with Speedinvest of EUR **invest** in **year** and monthly investments of EUR **monthly** could have provided you a capital between:
 € and  €
Attention : Le produit présente un risque de perte en capital. La valeur de remboursement peut être inférieure au montant de l'investissement initial.
*Every day, Spuerkeess calculates the NAV (net asset value), the price at which you can buy or sell units of Spuerkeess investment funds on the market!