26th May 2021

Craft et Compagnie, the taste of artisan champagnes

Craft et Compagnie specialises in the sale of exceptional artisan champagnes in Luxembourg. Its mission is to promote talented winemakers at the forefront of a quality revolution.

Who are we?

After working for many years in the wine and wine packaging industry in Champagne and throughout the wine world, we decided to dedicate our energies in promoting exceptional artisan champagnes. Our mission is to celebrate talented winemakers, who are also passionate men and women who respect their land and create authentic wines with an unbeatable taste.

Our ambition is to build the most advanced portfolio of artisan champagnes in the world, from a base of our winemaker friends with whom we share the same high standards, the notion of commitment, a well done job, the importance of people, and a love for life! To date, our selection is made up of 20 winemakers for 150 vintages.

Our selection is all about sharing secrets, transmitting tastes, arousing emotions.

Champagne in a few words...

Historically, the champagne world has been dominated by the major international brands (more than ¾ of sales worldwide), with winemakers being confined to a more local, secondary role.

Recently, a new trend has emerged: ambitious winemakers, who place huge emphasis on their artisanal values,

positioning themselves as an alternative to the international brands by addressing the expectations of consumers searching for taste, authenticity, transparency, uniqueness, respect for the environment, and connections. They are a very small minority (150 out of 4,000 winemakers) but their wines, which are often very limited in terms of amount, are highly sought-after and can be found at the very best tables worldwide.

There is a huge variety available, driving consumers to taste, explore, compare, enjoy and indulge.

We don’t make wines to please a market; we let the wind and the rain speak in our bottles.
Jérôme Prévost, Champagne La Closerie

Why are these winemakers so different?

Other than their skills, these winemakers are men and women of extraordinary character, nuance and individuality, whose qualities are reflected in the singularity of their champagnes. Constantly seeking to improve, they have a very strong ability to challenge themselves, which is reflected in their work:

  • Sustainable viticulture that respects nature and living things (no pesticides or herbicides, soil work, low yields, search for perfect maturity)
  • Gentle winemaking with the least amount of intervention and oenological products
  • Extended ageing time (on lees or in bottle)
  • Less sugar (Extra Brut or Zero Dosage)

Find out more about these 20 winemakers on :

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