11th February 2019

Nyuko: fostering entrepreneurial spirit

Nyuko, a challenger of ideas, is repositioning and has signed a partnership with Spuerkeess. This will enable nyuko to supervise project leaders even better and to offer its services to a wider public. Robert Goeres, Managing Director of Goeres Horlogerie and Chairman of nyuko, spoke to us about the importance of restructuring.

What is nyuko’s mission?

In August, after the appointment of Nicolas Fries as CEO of the not-for-profit, nyuko benefited from repositioning to enable it to concentrate more on supporting local entrepreneurs across all sectors. Headquartered at the House of Entrepreneurship, nyuko’s aim is to support future entrepreneurs in the pre-creation phase of their business. In Luxembourg, there are organisations such as the One-Stop Shop at the House of Entrepreneurship that help and advise entrepreneurs with the legal and administrative aspects of the business creation process.

As a challenger of ideas, nyuko helps entrepreneurs with developing their project and formalising their ideas upstream of these steps.

“Is my project viable?”, “Have I considered all the options?”, “How can I make my business stand out?”. These are questions that project leaders often ask themselves well before starting the entrepreneurial adventure. Through a programme of free workshops, training and one-to-one support, nyuko helps local entrepreneurs broaden their vision, and guides them in validating their project and deciding whether it is feasible.

You have been Chairman of nyuko for a few weeks now. What does this new appointment mean to you?

Being entrepreneurial is not just about creating a business. It is a way of thinking that helps individuals reinvent themselves throughout their career. It requires a certain level of enthusiasm. It is this way of thinking that I hold in great esteem and which I strive to support and promote in various different ways, such as being a founding member of Jonk Entrepreneuren, a not-for-profit organisation. As an entrepreneur, I have had the opportunity to learn and receive advice throughout my career, so it is a joy for me to be able to help foster the emergence of new businesses.

We need to actively promote entrepreneurship because it is the heart of our economy.

Robert Goeres - President of nyuko

How would you explain the partnership between Spuerkeess and nyuko?

Each business needs financial support. Young businesses – whether they are traditional or innovative – often find it difficult to obtain financing, yet financing is essential to their development.

By fostering this special partnership, Spuerkeess is strengthening its position with company founders from the start of their businesses. Nyuko, on the other hand, is benefiting from the bank’s expertise and access to banking products and services that can be used to help support budding entrepreneurs even better.

Viable business ventures supported by nyuko therefore have the opportunity to be advised by the Bank and to obtain financing from the outset of their adventure.

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