20th December 2023

Reinventing the idea of “new” and learning to consume differently

Jessica has always considered design to be her vocation. The birth of her son made her reflect on the meaning of her work after being employed as a jewelry designer for several years. Setting up her own creative business, considering ethical and environmental aspects, upgrading existing objects through recycling and upcycling - these are the core ingredients of her DIMANCHE MATIN project. Happy reading!

Meet Jessica

Originally from La Grand-Motte in the south of France, I moved to Luxembourg in 2012.  

I knew very early on that I would be working in a creative field. I studied art and fashion. 

For several years, I was a jewellery designer for a number of major brands, but it was after the birth of my son that I started looking for more meaning in my work. My work as a designer fulfilled me creatively, but ethically I couldn’t find my place in it. 

The idea of creating a business

My project was born out of two passions: designing and second-hand thrift shopping... a family tradition. At a time when I was searching for meaning in my work, in my life and in the face of the current environmental crisis, there was a moment when everything found its place, and it seemed like an obvious choice to act responsibly in a field that tends to be superficial and highly resource consuming. 

The stages of business creation

Understanding the essence of the project

I’m going to tell you the story of a metal biscuit tin:  

It was created for a very specific purpose: to store dry biscuits so that they would keep well, a perfectly ordinary use.  

Once emptied, it was put away at the back of a cupboard - you never know, it might come in handy again. Then one day, the owner of the tin needed a place to store buttons from worn-out clothes, so she took it out again. A new life for this biscuit tin.  

Later, when the owner of this box welcomed her granddaughter, the girl played shop with all these buttons that had become treasures... each of them different, in all colours, sometimes even with rhinestones or gold (the prettiest ones).  

It was just a box of store-bought biscuits, but for this little girl, it was full of life, a memory of time spent with her grandmother.  

That’s what Dimanche Matin is all about!  

The objective

In my own small way, with Dimanche Matin, I’m fighting against the constant production of new raw materials, the surplus waste that results from this production and the consequent over-consumption and disposability.

With Dimanche Matin, my aim is to give value back to objects, to offer designs made from existing raw materials.


I upcycle and recycle materials to come up with new designs. By restoring objects, I also bring them back to life.  

This responsible approach also has an aspect of transmission, as evoked by the story of the biscuit tin. Passing on traditions of the past, experiences and memories while preserving the authenticity of objects.  

The path

Once we had the idea for the project, we had to think about how to put it into practice. I was lucky enough to be supported by Nyuko in the Impuls programme.  

Impuls has been much more than a source of support; it has been a springboard for ideas. 

This programme has enabled me to move forward with my project with confidence, and to be trained by professionals in all the issues that social entrepreneurs might encounter. 

It was also an opportunity to make new contacts and expand my network. Meeting people who can help you move forward is an essential factor.  

And last but not least: help with drawing up a business plan. 

Dimanche Matin is alive and kicking! I go out and meet people at vintage, designer, local entrepreneurs’ and Christmas markets, as well as pop-up stores.  

There’s no physical shop because, as for many people, it’s too much work when you’re starting out, but it remains a dream... 

You can also follow Dimanche Matin news on our Instagram page @dimanchematin.lu 

An attachment to all things vintage and nostalgia for an inspiring past.


Jessica's advice for future entrepreneurs

  • Don’t hesitate to knock on doors to ask for advice and help.  

  • We must face a range of issues outside our original field of expertise, and we don’t necessarily have all the answers. 

  • It’s important to build a network, to make ourselves known but also to support one another. 

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