Thorunn Egilsdottir
Corporate Communication Manager
31st May 2021

Meet Spuerkeess’ sustainability team

From checking facts, documenting and optimising our environmental efforts to getting our sustainable message out to the world - our common goal is to advance sustainability within Spuerkeess. Take a look behind the scenes and find out what sustainability means to each of us personally.

Climate change poses risks to the financial system. Whether investors, regulators, banks or consumers - we all want to focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns. At Spuerkeess, we strive to be socially and ecologically responsible and we want to assist our Retail, professional and institutional clients in their sustainable shift.

As a purpose-driven Bank, we have begun to integrate ESG into our core business. Meet our Sustainability Team and find out what sustainability means to them personally:

I drive an electric car. This is my personal contribution to nature. Sustainability is important as it increases everyone’s life quality. I am a very passionate person and my goal is to motivate people to take part in this great new movement. Life is the ambience we create for ourselves. This is what drives our sustainability team.

Rudi Belli, Head of Department Secretary General

In my free time I jog. My goal is to remove at least one piece of garbage when I’m running through the fields and woods of Luxembourg . I have two young kids and I try to transmit the importance of taking action to them. No matter how small the contribution towards our environment, we owe it to the next generation. This is the sustainability’s team way of thinking.

Marco Rasqué Da Silva, General Secretary

I want my kids to grow up in an environmentally friendly surrounding. Awareness is the first step towards a sustainable world. Being part of the sustainability team of Spuerkeess enables me to do my part in this field.

Romy Reding, Sustainability team member

Already during my master's studies, I specialized in the field of climate and environmental economics. After graduating, it was important to me to find a profession where I could work on solutions and concepts for a more sustainable and climate-neutral economy. This is what I attempt to do in my private life as well, by continuously reducing my personal footprint and offsetting unavoidable emissions.

Xavier Scholten, Sustainability team member

I have been a vegetarian since 2010. Avoiding meat is one of the most impactful ways to reduce our impact on Earth. Sustainability and sustainable finance are a key focus of Spuerkeess‘ five year strategy plan. As the Bank’s Corporate Communication Manager, I am very proud to be able to shine a light on the projects of our sustainability team.

Thorunn Egilsdottir, Corporate Communication Manager

My mission is to educate people and help them contribute to local and global sustainability. Sustainability should always be based on science. For the past years, I have accompanied Spuerkeess and analysed what potential climate-related or environmental risks the Bank and its private, professional and institutional clients are facing. Thus, I have contributed to the implementation of internal tools so that Spuerkeess can assess and manage these risks in the most adequate way possible.

Kim Schumacher, Scientific Advisor

Life is the ambience we create for ourselves. This is what drives our sustainability team

Rudi Belli, Head of Department Secretary General

About the blog:

 Our goal with our bi-monthly blog "Why does it matter" is to raise awareness about the significance of environmental, social, and governance factors. Our ESG experts address five essential questions on important ESG topics to encourage individuals and organizations to incorporate these aspects into their financial decision-making process.

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