We recommend strictly following the instructions hereafter when using S-Net.

  • Never disclose your confidential connection data to a third party.
  • Avoid connecting to S-Net from an unknown workstation (in a cybercafé for example).
  • Disconnect from S-Net at the end of every session by clicking on the “Logoff” button and close all windows in your browser.
  • Remove your LuxTrust smartcard or signing stick from the reader or the USB port when you are not using it.
  • Never use a Spuerkeess Internet address in an email link. Enter the address yourself, or save it in your favourites.
  • Check that the security certificate is issued in Spuerkeess’s name by clicking on the padlock shown in the browser (under Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari under MacIntosh). This guarantees that you are connected with Spuerkeess via a secure connection.