“Stop” orders can be made via S-net for the following stock exchanges: Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, Paris, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Xetra, Vienna, NYSE & AMEX.

It is an order to sell or buy equities that is activated when the share price reaches a specified value, known as the “Stop” price. The “Stop” price activates the “Stop” order. At that point, it becomes an “At Market” order and is filled at the next possible price, which may be above or below the “Stop” price.

In theory, Stop orders allow you to strategically limit your losses or to cash out gains.

There are two kinds of “Stop” orders:

  • A Stop order to sell

The “Stop” price at which the sale is triggered should always be below the current market value.

  • A Stop order to buy

The “Stop” price at which the purchase is triggered should always be above the current market value.