Key figures 2018 in millions of Euros
Instant payment Eurotransfert
Transfers executed 24/7. Transfers executed only on business days.
The beneficiary’s account is credited in less than 10 seconds on the same day, even at night, on weekends and on public holidays. The debit/credit value date is the calendar day, so this can also be a weekend or public holiday. The recipient’s account is generally credited within 1-2 business days. The debit value date is the business day on which the payment is executed.
Cap of EUR 100.000 at the European level (for incoming and outgoing payments). No cap for transfers between Spuerkeess accounts. Cap of EUR 250.000 for outgoing payments at the Spuerkeess level.No cap for transfers between Spuerkeess accounts.

* "Eurotransfert" transfers between Spuerkeess accounts are already processed as instant payments.