Capital assistance

  • Home-building subsidy (max. €9.700)
  • Home-buying subsidy (max. €9.700)
  • Home-improvement subsidy (max. €10.000)
  • Subsidy for special facilities for people with physical disabilities (max. €15.000).
  • Savings subsidy (max. €5.000)
  • Architect subsidy (max. €1.250)

For homes built after 10 September 1944, capital assistance is determined by liveable surface area requirements:

  • for a house: the liveable surface area must measure between 65 sq. m and 140 sq. m.
  • for an apartment: the liveable surface area must measure between 45 sq. m and 120 sq. m.

For every dependent child above the 3rd, these surface area requirements increase by 20 sq.m.

Interest assistance

  • Interest subsidy (between 0,575% and 2,45%)
  • Interest relief (0,5% per dependent child)

The State Guarantee

Those lacking sufficient own funds may apply for the State Guarantee. Minimum eligibility requirement: have a savings account at the same financial institution for at least 3 years, beginning from the date the account balance first exceeds €240.

A minimum of €290 must have been deposited each year into the account, for at least the past 3 years.

The amount of the guarantee is capped at 30% of the total cost of the project.

Climate loan

The goal of interest subsidy for the climate loan is to encourage sustainable energy renovation and prevent energy insecurity.


  • Max. loan of €100.000
  • Max. interest subsidy of 1,5% (limited to a total of 10% of the capital borrowed)