How to centralise your financial management at Spuerkeess

Step 1 Have your salary deposited into your Spuerkeess current account

With your current employer indicate your Spuerkeess account number to have all your future salary deposited into that account.

Step 2 Centralise your other cash inflows in your Spuerkeess current account

If other cash inflows (for example, family allowances, National Health Fund (CNS) reimbursements, rental income) are deposited directly into your account, you can easily let your counterparties know about this change with our pre-filled form.

Step 3 Transfer your direct debits

If you still have active direct debits from your account, you can transfer them to your Spuerkeess current account in no time at all by using our pre-filled form.

Step 4 Change your standing orders

Any expenses paid by standing order can be switched over in just a few clicks in your S-Net.

Step 5 Sign up for Zebra Premium

To take full advantage of your Spuerkeess current account and enjoy numerous benefits, you can sign up for an “all-inclusive” Zebra Premium package:


Zebra Premium

A complete banking package, ideal for handling your bank relationship at the best price