18th January 2023

Withdraw your foreign currencies at the S-Bank ATMs

Since the introduction of the euro banknotes and coins on 1 January 2002, going on holiday abroad can be a much more spontaneous affair than it was. For most European destinations, you no longer have to visit the bank to get foreign currency before leaving! But what should you do if you have planned to go on a journey to discover the Great American West, visit Big Ben or get some mountain air in Switzerland?

dame retire de l'argent en billets au distributeur bancomat de sa banque

Foreign currency withdrawals on S-Bank

While for most currencies, you will still need to visit a branch to order them in advance, this is not the case for the three most used currencies, the US dollar, the UK pound and the Swiss franc.

At Spuerkeess, you can withdraw these currencies from certain ATMs of the branch network. These S-Bank tellers are accessible during for some 24/7 for others during opening hours of the branch, giving lots of flexibility to prepare your travels. You can use your debit or credit card and the sum you withdraw is debited directly from your current account. In addition, the withdrawal of the 3 currencies is free of charge.

The weekly standard limit for cash withdrawals from S-Bank is EUR 2.500, whether you take out euros or foreign currency with your Spuerkeess debit or credit card. *

* If you need to withdraw a higher amount, go to your S-Net or S-Net Mobile and adjust your limit via my space, Settings, Payments-Card management, select card, Limit change.

How do I find my nearest S-Bank ATM?

To find the shortest route, just click the button beneath to get an overview of all our branches.

Once on the Spuerkeess website, just filter your search to find the S-Bank with the currency you wish to withdraw: USD, GBP or CHF.

Select S-Bank in the top left corner of your screen, click on the icon and S-Bank, choose the wanted currency and you will find the ATMs offering and opening hours.

Now we just have to wish you: Bon voyage!

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