21st December 2022

Ashanti’S, making beauty accessible for everyone!

Driven by her desire to "make beauty accessible for everyone", Susana Costa created a personalised treatment and wellness programme provided in homes, institutes and businesses. In this article, Susana describes her path to entrepreneurship. Happy reading!

Meet Susana

My name is Susana Costa, I was born in Cantanhede, Portugal, and I’m the mother of three children.

When I was young, I had some work experience in France on an agricultural property. I then went back to my home country, where I worked with seniors and people with a disability, before deciding to go to Luxembourg.

Once in Luxembourg, I registered with the ADEM (Luxembourg National Employment Agency), which gave me access to courses on IT and Luxembourgish.

I had a big dream, to offer treatments accessible for people with reduced mobility, so I started training in cosmetic treatments and nail care, as well as taking a hairdressing apprenticeship.

Through my determination and the Fit4Entrepreneurship programme, I set up my business Ashanti’S Beauty at the end of 2019.

Ashanti’S Beauty is the result of years of experience in beauty treatments and a passion for my customers’ well-being, whatever their age.

The idea of creating a business

Some customers had difficulties getting around. I wanted to offer them an at-home service that was more comfortable for them. My desire was to provide them with special care, and from there the idea was born to offer treatments adapted to all ages and to people with reduced mobility.Since then, we’ve done everything we can to offer a programme of treatments adapted to their needs, by visiting homes and specialised residences, such as retirement homes and medical facilities.

In the beginning, this service was specifically created for people with reduced mobility to give them the ability to take care of themselves and feel comfortable in their skin, without having to go anywhere.

I now also offer treatments in the workplace. A wellness space has been opened at the Atrium Business Park, where I offer treatments to the company’s employees – who appreciate a moment of well-being during their working day.

y next goal is to open an Ashanti’S personalised salon in the town of Mondorf-Les-Bains to offer a quality service in the region where my customer base is.

The stages of business creation

Starting my business was an incredible adventure. I never thought I’d be an entrepreneur, and I’m now proud that I’ve achieved this and grateful to everyone who has made this project possible.

1. The beginnings of the business

It all started during a review at the ADEM. During a conversation with one of the case managers, I shared my dream. That person believed in me and pointed me towards a business support programme at the Chamber of Commerce.

So in January 2020, I took part in FIT4Entrepreneurship. We conducted a market study and I went on an accounting course.

2. nyuko, an invaluable partner during the creation process

Since I started my business, nyuko has given me invaluable support and guided me on this incredible adventure.

The Fit4Entrepreneurship programme gave me a real boost. I learned a huge amount about the world of entrepreneurship in Luxembourg and about my own abilities to grow my business in line with my values. I’m now part of a network of young entrepreneurs who share their advice, successes and difficulties with each other. This team spirit is a real help in moving towards achieving our dreams.

3. Difficulties as an entrepreneur

The most difficult thing when you become an entrepreneur is managing everything simultaneously: administration, finances, communication, marketing, purchasing materials, etc., all while calmly offering quality services.

During the pandemic, I made a huge amount of effort to make sure that all of the hygiene standards were met in order to maintain my customers’ trust.

Sometimes, family and private life get put to one side, even though they’re my resources and my source of motivation. It’s important to maintain clear ideas. The happiness I get from achieving my dream and the constant support from nyuko give me the strength to move forward.

4. Social media presence

In order to be more visible and with my daughter’s invaluable advice, I’ve made a lot of video capsules showing the work with my customers on social media (TikTok/Instagram).

These capsules have really boosted bookings.

5. Properly delegating and surrounding yourself with the right people

I’ve also learned to delegate and surround myself with skilled people.

The administrative and marketing aspect takes up a lot of space in an entrepreneur’s schedule.

To keep my time and energy for my customers and my passion, I use the services of an accountant and a marketing assistant. The work they do is impressive. The development of the website lets people make bookings online and gives me a visibility on the web that makes my services accessible to everyone.

You can see it for yourself at www.ashantis.lu

My treatments are suited to all ages, although I specifically target seniors, people with a disability or illness, as already mentioned, and I make visits to care and retirement homes.

My philosophy: Listen and adapt to each customer’s need. I’m so passionate about my work because of the contact with the customer.

My commitment: make beauty accessible for everyone!

Susana’s advice to future entrepreneurs

  • Believe in your dreams and give yourself the means to achieve them.

  • Remember that everyone can do this, regardless of their age!

  • You can achieve your goal even if you haven’t ever gone into higher education or your life hasn’t been easy.

  • Don’t be afraid of change in your working life.

  • In life, you always have the choice: you need to fight and above all take your dream in hand and maintain focus to manage to do what you love.

  • A winner is a dreamer who never gives up on what they love!

Susana and her bank

Spuerkeess helped me when I started my business, in that they offered me adapted services and sound advice on the most beneficial products for me.

I really felt reassured thanks to my advisor’s professionalism, kindness and availability.

The Bank’s reputation is also something you can count on. Seniors, who make up a large part of my customer base, are very attentive to that, which reinforces their confidence in my business.

I opened an "Express" account when starting my business, which gives me a clear and detailed view of the transactions linked to my business.

I also have a "VAT" account, a second account linked to the business, which lets me save the money received from VAT to offset extraordinary costs.

My tips are paid into a Private Account, which makes up my savings that I invest in my future training which areoften abroad. This means that my customers directly contribute to the improvement of my services and the development of my business.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Spuerkeess to anyone who’s launching their own business.

My Spuerkeess advisor is easy to reach and always available to answer my questions and give me advice. All of my accounts were opened and linked in one day.

Nyuko has signed a partnership with Spuerkeess, in order to foster entrepreneurial spirit and strengthening the bank's position with company founders from the start of their businesses. More info in our article: https://www.spuerkeess.lu/en/blog/experts-corner/nyuko-fostering-entrepreneurial-spirit/.