23rd October 2023

S-Net, the online banking service with more and more users!

S-Net has 300.000 users, and for Spuerkeess it's a good reason to celebrate, but also to include its customers in the thinking and development of its future. Discover the S-Net success story!

The benchmark for e-banking

Since its launch in the autumn of 1999, S-Net has aimed to become the e-banking benchmark in Luxembourg and to convince customers with its friendliness. Judging by the awards it has received (e.g. the German Design Award in 2018 for the app) and by the numbers, these two goals have largely been achieved. While this success story began on desktops, the real boom over the past few years has been the growing use of the mobile app. Of the more than 40 million sign-ins every year, nearly 80% of them occur via mobile phones.

Innovation to meet the needs of every customer

For us, innovation lies in our ability to offer a banking service tailored to each S-Net user. It invites us to reinvent ourselves every day and to offer new services and products in line with our customers' real needs. 

A few recent examples: 

Online home loan - S-Net customers can now submit their applications for the purchase or construction of a property via an easy-to-use ergonomic interface, while benefiting from the support of a Housing Advisor. The icing on the cake is that customers can track the progress of their application directly in S-Net.

Student loan - Student customers no longer need to visit a branch to apply for their state guaranteed student loan. All they have to do is scan the QR code printed on their letter of agreement with S-Net Mobile to have the funds released directly into their current account. 

myTax - The intelligent digital assistant integrated into S-Net that helps you file your tax return by answering simple questions. Discover the options offered by the Luxembourg State to reduce your annual tax and take advantage of the automatic detection of your transactions and tax certificates directly in S-Net to facilitate the generation of your tax return including the appendices.

Co-creating to improve the customer experience

To continue to meet our customers' expectations, we want to include them fully in our thinking. So, from the design stage right through to the installation of the final screens, we give them the opportunity, with the support of our teams, to take part in workshops and working groups on the development of S-Net.  

Our customers are the future of the bank, and we are constantly striving to better understand their real needs and adapt to their habits. We wanted to be more regular in our interactions with them in order to build ever more relevant solutions. 

Their needs and behavior are important indicators for us, as we aim to constantly improve the customer experience. 

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