15th May 2018

Improve customer experience through new technologies

As the leading bank in the Luxembourg financial market, Spuerkeess has launched MIA, a personal financial management (PFM) tool, free of charge, destined to facilitate its customers‘ financial management. We asked Roger Krämer, Head of Business Innovation Office, and his team about the rising importance of innovative technologies and their role in customer relations.

Who is MIA and what were the challenges?

Roger Krämer: In the face of new digital challenges and competition from fintechs, as a bank close to our clients, we need to remain competitive in technological terms. With the creation of MIA, we would like to offer our customers, and above all those from the mobile generation, a user-friendly and useful solution for the management of their finances.

MIA stands for My Intelligent Assistant and is an intelligent financial management tool integrated into our internet banking services. Easily accessible on S-Net and S-Net Mobile, it offers customers a global analysis of all their current accounts. Developed in-house at Spuerkeess, MIA is coupled to an artificial intelligence system, capable of calculating the budget available to the customer and to categorise their income and expenses.

What are its functionalities?

Patrick de Waha: MIA has three main functions, namely, to calculate the available budget, to categorise transactions and to create personalised savings projects. For example, MIA anticipates the available budget by taking into account the customer‘s recurring spending up to a given date.

Moreover, MIA classifies spending and incomes into different categories such as “Shopping”, “Transport” or “Housing”, enabling the customer to visualise immediately the various budget items. If they want to, customers can also easily change the categories associated with these expense categories and even exclude a movement targeted by the MIA analysis.

Hello, I am MIA

I analyse and categorise your income and expenses


Daniel Madariaga Maia: Via the “Projects” function, MIA offers a simple and personalised solution to monitor savings targets. Customers can provide a name for their project and even add a photo. For example, if a customer would like to save for their next summer holidays, they can create their personal project and save to it on a recurring basis by standing order or on an ad hoc basis. MIA keeps the customer up to date regarding the evolution of their project by indicating the amount left to save as well as the remaining days until the target date.

The team has paid particular attention to the design of MIA in order to make the tool intuitive and user-friendly.

Will MIA be further developed?

Mirko Kessler: Customer feedback is key for any changes made to MIA. The aim is to meet our customers‘ needs. Thus, a first internal test-phase with the bank‘s employees has already provided several ideas for developments and we will rely on the remarks and ideas of our customers to set priorities in terms of developments.

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