15th June 2021

Finding out about Spuerkeess’ Aid & Financing Advice

Our role is to support you in your energy efficiency projects and make you aware of the available aid and grants. As Deputy Head of Business unit Facility Management & Logistics at Spuerkeess, Michel Abraao is one of the drivers of the Bank’s efforts to become a facilitator of the transition to a sustainable economy.

Certain projects have helped to reduce the annual energy consumption of Spuerkeess’ buildings by around 45%. Today, Michel Abraao tells us more about the Aid & Financing Advice.

Can you explain the concept of the Aid & Financing Advice?

The Aid & Financing Advice aims to support our professional and private customers in the transition to a sustainable economy and offer appropriate advice in connection with energy efficiency projects.

We have put in place tools that will enable us to identify together with our customers, projects that are eligible for aid and subsidies, in order to make these customers aware of and inform them of the possible different state and private aid available. Our aim is to guide the customer with regard to the formalities to be carried out, propose the appropriate type of loan for the different projects and support the customer in their ecological, energy and sustainable projects.

For whom is the Aid & Financing Advice intended?

As a responsible bank, we offer this service to all our private and professional customers. It is our way of helping and supporting customers wishing to improve their carbon footprint.

What are the main advantages of the Aid & Financing Advice?

The main objective is to make our customers aware of and inform them of the possible public and private aid and subsidies available, according to their projects. There are many aid systems and it is not always easy to identify the elements of a project that are eligible for aid.
Whether in the context of work on renovating a residential property, construction of a new home, but also projects promoting renewable energies such as photovoltaic energy or quite simply electromobility, we can offer our customers an overview of the eligibility conditions and criteria for possible aid and subsidy systems. Therefore, the customer has all the information that will enable them, together with our advisers, to establish the appropriate method of financing.

Does Spuerkeess charge for this service?

No, this service is completely free of charge.
When we receive an application for project financing, we analyse the project together with the customer and can offer a simulation of the possible aid and grants available.

A major trend in terms of sustainability is the growing momentum of technology, ranging from wind farms, photovoltaics and electric cars, to artificial intelligence and big data. What does sustainability mean for you?

For me, sustainable development is multifaceted, and it is through the decisions of today that we will influence the daily life of tomorrow.
I think that sustainable development should be able to meet the needs of our generation, without compromising future generations.

What are your five everyday sustainability tips?

Sometimes, major actions are not necessary, just a few small everyday gestures can already help.
If I were to provide five tips on “sustainable” behaviour that we can adopt in our daily lives at home, they would be:

The five everyday sustainability tips


1. Run the dishwasher or washing machine with a full load

2. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth

3. Turn off electrical appliances rather than leaving them in stand-by mode

4. Turn off the light when leaving a room

5. Sort your waste and recycle as much as possible

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