4th February 2019

Employability: a skill to acquire!

We tend to forget that recruiting works in both directions. Both the employee and the employer choose to work together, and it's important that both parties cultivate their employability over time. Romain Streff, Vice President, Service Gestion du Personnel, and Leo Toussaint, Assistant Vice President, share their experience and discuss the corporate culture at Spuerkeess.

How can you engage your employees over the long term? What is Spuerkeess' policy on employee engagement?

Romain Streff: Young people today rarely spend their career with just one employer. While salary is still an important factor, it is no longer the decisive component. The employer's ability to adapt to changes in the market and the possibility for the employee to grow in their job are equally important aspects. The term 'work-life balance' refers precisely to striking a good balance between personal and work fulfilment.

In addition, the Bank offers new hires unparalleled support through a mentoring programme that enables them to learn about the company more quickly

The designated mentor is a primary contact, fostering a more personal and open relationship. Moreover, new hires participate in a series of special training sessions so that they each start with the same foundation in banking and finance.

Spuerkeess is proud of its ability to attract and hire fresh talent, and is willing to take special measures to earn their loyalty.

Leo Toussaint: That said, we offer all our personnel a highly diverse selection of courses whose goal is to help staff in their personal and professional development. In addition to having the ability to advance their careers, employees can also change jobs within the Bank. This flexibility is advantageous to all parties:

  • the employee can develop new skills and practice a different profession
  • the Bank can leverage the talents of a more versatile employee who brings value to multiple fields of action.

Should employees also cultivate their employability?

Leo Toussaint: Absolutely! Our professions are continuously evolving and it's important to keep an open mind and stay inquisitive. The guiding principle here is lifelong learning: to nurture your employability, you must demonstrate the ability to evolve and to learn throughout your career.

This mindset is important at any company, because it fosters harmony among employees and bolsters team spirit. Working with people who want to learn new things and share their knowledge in return creates a positive, productive ambiance.

Why is the employer brand important?

Romain Streff: Brand image plays a crucial role in how the company is viewed from outside. A good reputation has an effect not just on the company's clients, other businesses and potential recruits, but also ‒ and most importantly ‒ on its employees. It is a pleasure to work for a well-respected company that inspires trust beyond its own walls.

Spuerkeess was ranked first in the 2017 Randstad Luxembourg survey of the most appealing employers in Luxembourg. In fact, Spuerkeess is frequently covered in the media and regularly receives awards for its positive results, such as the Safest Bank Award for its stability and reliability in the marketplace, or the 2017 German Design Award for its S-net application.

Spuerkeess strives to present itself simultaneously as a stable, competent bank, and as a modern, attractive employer.

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