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1. Moien - Hello, Welcome to Luxembourg!

Located in central Europe, Luxembourg is bordered by Germany, Belgium and France. The country is only 82 km (51 mi) long and 57 km (35 mi) wide. Some key facts:

  • Currency: Euro
  • Official administrative languages: French, German and Luxembourgish
  • Language of legislation: French
  • Population: 626,108 of which 47.4% are foreigners
  • 170 nationalities, 86% European
  • 200.000 cross-border workers

Luxembourg may be a small country, but it has a lot to offer:

  • Strategic location for travelling
  • Multilingual environment
  • Free public transport
  • Many options for leisure activities
  • Good job perspectives (many notable companies have their headquarters in Luxembourg)
  • Economic and political stability
  • Ranked in the top 20 safest cities in the world

2. Banking - Who is Spuerkeess? Spuerkeess is the leading local and trusted banking partner in Luxembourg:

  • We’re the most preferred bank over generations with the largest branch & ATM network
  • Offer banking solutions for everyone since 1856
  • Provide best in class digital banking experience (Design Award 2019)
  • Are the leading housing loan partner in Luxembourg

We are also proud to be Luxembourg’s most preferred brand thanks to our customers, our stable shareholder, the Luxembourg State, and our 1.800 loyal and experienced employees that take care of your personal,  professional and private banking needs in up to 21 different languages.

Did you know Spuerkeess is rated as one of the best and safest banks in the world?

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“We would love, not only, to welcome you in Luxembourg, but also at Spuerkeess and for us to be part of your new life in our beautiful Grand-Duchy. Our dedicated Expat Services Team is looking forward to taking care of you.”
Françoise Thoma, Chief Executive Officer

Becoming a Spuerkeess customer Spuerkeess offers all bank products and services you need:

       - Private customers

       - Professional customers

       - Private Banking

with a transparent handling and fee structure.

As an new arrival and new customer you can benefit from our exclusive Expat offer that is adapted to your needs. You will be able to benefit from a wide range of useful partnerships established to that help make your arrival as easy as possible.

Benefit from special deals through our partnerships with local companies and relocation agencies regarding:

       - Home insurance

       - Internet and telephone subscription

       - Language courses with Berlitz

       - Private all-inclusive car leasing with Lease Plus


Formalities when opening a bank account

When opening a bank account you will need:

       - Valid proof of identity

       - Employment contract

       - Proof of residency (if applicable)


You can also open your bank account online.

Furthermore, you can benefit from our valuable collaborations with relocation agencies, ready to assist you in every step of the way:

       - Active relocation

       - Dwellworks

       - European Relocation Services

       - Luxrelo

       - Management mobility consulting

       - Map relocations

3. Accommodation

3.1 Short stay

If staying for a short time, check out Airbnb, Hotels or Apart-Hotels, Trainee residences, sublease or flat sharing.

3.2 Long stay

If staying longer than a few months, you should consider renting. Properties for rent can be found on Immotop, VIVI and Athome.

Good to know:

       - Rent is paid in advance at the end of the month for the following month

       - A rent payment guarantee (“garantie locative’’) of 3 months’ rent is usually expected

       - Agency fees represent a month’s rent + VAT

       - A written rental inventory (“Etat des lieux”) report records any damages/defects as well as items that are included in the

          property before entering and when leaving the property

       - You will have to take out insurance for the house/apartment, your personal belongings, furniture and the kitchen

​​​Please refer to the following websites for more info on how to:

         - get connected to energy sources; water (municipal services), gas and electricity

         - set up your telephone, television and internet connection

Should you need parking, best rent a parking spot or look for accommodation with public parking close by. If you live in Luxembourg City you will need a residential parking permit.

How can Spuerkeess help?

Spuerkeess can: 

        - Provide you with a rental guarantee. More info here.

        - Put you in touch with their insurance partner LALUX.

3.3 Permanent stay

If you are here to stay, it is worth considering buying your own property. Contact local real estate agents or check out available properties for sale under:




When buying your property, the total acquisition cost is made up of:

      - Property price

      - Notary fees (6% registration fees and 1% notary’s fees)

More info: and

      - Tax allowance (tax credit called “Bellegen Akt”)

      - State aid

How can Spuerkeess help?

If you are interested in buying your own property:

      - Spuerkeess is Luxembourg’s leading housing loan financial partner

      - Spuerkeess can advise you in up to 21 different languages

      - Mortgage registration fees will be less as they are done inhouse

To help you get started Spuerkeess has a wide variety of blog articles on housing and the property market such as:

       - The home loan in 3 steps

       - Residual debt insurance

       - How much can you borrow for a real estate project?

       - Luxembourg’s National Housing Week

For an overall coverage on the topic you can also download our extensive brochure “Guide to Housing Loans”

Every autumn, Spuerkeess holds a conference cycle on everything you need to know about loans, the property market and prices.

How can Spuerkeess help?

Through the partnership between Spuerkeess and LALUX, customers benefit from advantages on different insurances:

       - Private third party liability insurance

       - Car insurance

       - Credit life insurance

Our agents will advise you on the different products and possible tax benefits.

4. Administrative formalities is the online information portal which provides you with information on all administrative formalities:

  • Tax
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Citizenship

Here are some additional interesting links regarding information centres for administrative support:

     Luxembourg nationality application

      - Marriage or birth registration

Should you be arriving with a dog, you will need to:

  • Get a private civil liability insurance
  • Register your dog at the local municipal office and pay an annual tax

Your dog must have:

      - An ISO compliant microchip

      - A health certificate emitted by a licenced veterinarian

      - A rabies vaccination

      - An EU Pet Passport if moving from another EU Member State

      - And proof of a successfully succeeded behaviour training for breeds considered as potentially dangerous

5. Healthcare

In Luxembourg, most citizens, as well as all family members and children up to the age of 27, are entitled to state healthcare.


5.1 National Health Fund (CNS)

CNS (Caisse Nationale de Santé) is the official insurance provider for employees working in the private sector and their beneficiaries.

Medical bills are paid upfront and receipts, proof of payment of consultations and treatments are submitted to the CNS for reimbursement. CNS will reimburse part of the health costs, depending on the treatment received.

When you arrive in Luxembourg, please submit a request to the “Service Coassurance” of the CNS to get your family covered.

You can contact them via

As soon as you have registered for a residence permit at the Centre Commun de la Sécurité Sociale (CCSS) and sent in your application form, you will receive your social security card which acts as your health insurance card. The number on this card is called your “matricule” and serves as your personal identification number and tax identification number (TIN). The structure of your matricule: YYYY MMDD XXX XX represents your date of birth and 5 numbers. Always have it with you and present it at your medical and pharmacy visits, as well as when collecting prescriptions.

How can Spuerkeess help?


The private supplementary health insurer DKV, member of the Groupe LALUX, offers health insurance tailored to an expatriate’s needs. Through the collaboration with LALUX, Spuerkeess’s customers take advantage of special prices.

5.2 Medical Houses (“Maison médicale”)


To avoid going to hospitals for non-emergency issues, Luxembourg has a few medical houses throughout the country as a replacement when doctors and medical centres are closed. You can visit them from 8 pm to 7 am from Monday to Friday and during weekends and holidays from 8 am to 7 am of the following morning.

5.3 Hospitals and clinics

Hospitals and clinics offer doctor’s appointments, pediatric services and emergency services. For emergency services please refer to:

      - Hospital emergency services

      - Pedriatric emergency services (CHL Hospital (“Kannerklinik”) and Kirchberg Hospital)

      - Healthcare guide

5.4 Pharmacies

To find the closest pharmacy or an on-duty pharmacy please refer to the following websites:



5.5 Health laboratories and blood collection centres


Luxembourg has a wide choice of health laboratories such as:

      - Ketterthill

      - Laboratoires Réunis

      - Picken Doheem (first mobile blood collection)

      - CHL Hospital

5.6 Emergency Phone numbers

These are the most important phone numbers to remember:

      - Fire brigade or ambulance: 112

      - Police: 113 

6. Work

6.1 Ratification of diplomas

Depending on where you intend to work and to access certain professions, you may need your university diplomas recognised.

6.2 Sick leave

Should you be ill for less than 2 days, you need to inform your employer from the 1st day of absence.

As from the 3rd day of absence you will need a mandatory medical certificate that must be sent to your employer and the CNS

6.3 Income tax

In Luxembourg, income tax is withheld from your wages at source directly by the employer every month.

Resident taxpayers will obtain their tax card automatically :

      - After first registration with the CCSS

      - Upon a change in civil status

      - Upon a change of address

Non-resident employees will have to submit an application at the tax office for non-residents.

Once you receive your tax card from the RTS tax office (section for withholding tax on wages and salaries), please send it to your employer as soon as possible.


Depending on your family situation (married, single, children …), you may have to fill out an annual tax declaration. Should this be the case, here some contributions that are tax deductible:

       - Social Security contributions

       - Premiums paid to a private or supplementary pension scheme

       - Interest expense related to personal loans or mortgages 

       - Home purchase savings contributions

       - Extraordinary expenses like housekeeping, childcare support

       - Donations to NGOs

       - Building society savings

       - Compulsory insurances

       - Residual debt insurance

However, be aware that depending on your personal situation and your tax declaration, additional income tax may be due.


More info on "tax classes", "tax declarations" and "deductibles".

How can Spuerkeess help?

Spuerkeess offers tax deductible products, such as loans, mortgages, insurances, supplementary pension schemes, BHW home building savings scheme etc.

Here some interesting blog articles on the topic:

      - BHW home Building society savings plan

      - Residual debt insurance

Every year, Spuerkeess holds various conferences on how to fill in your tax declaration. Do not hesitate to ask your advisor for more information or check out our website.

7. Family

The following will give you a small overview on family allowances, childcare and parental leave.


7.1 Family allowances and childcare benefits


The precondition is to be registered with the Luxembourg social security system (CNS).

Childbirth allowance amounts can add up to a total of EUR 1.740 payable in 3 phases.

Family allowances vary between EUR 265/month for under 6-year-olds to EUR 285/ month for over 6-year-olds and EUR 315/month for over 12-year-olds.

Childcare allowance “Chèque–service accueil” provide financial aid to support childcare cost for children between 0 and 12 years or as long as they are in primary education (école fondamentale). You must apply for a personalised membership card for your child at your local municipality.

The annual back-to-school allowance can be as much as EUR 115/child for children under 6 years of age and EUR 235/child for those above 12 years old.

As these may change over time, please check-out the related websites.

If you have a disabled child, this could also interest you.

For family, birth and back-to-school allowances, applications must be submitted to the Children’s Future Fund CAE (Caisse pour l’avenir des enfants).

7.2 Parental leave


Parents employed in the Grand-Duchy can benefit from paid parental leave.

8. Education

The Luxembourg public school system offers a great multilingual environment. Children are automatically registered for schooling once you are registered with your municipality. This does not apply to secondary school.

State schools are free of charge and school attendance is compulsory between the ages of 4 to 16.

Here an overview of the programme:

Nursery School Education From 3 to 4: early education (optional)
Pre-School From 4 to 6 Spillschoul (in Luxembourgish)
Fundamental School From 6 to 12: primary school (classes taught in German, oral and written French classes)
Secondary School From 12 to 19: secondary education in German, later in French)

The international research University of Luxembourg is a good option for higher education and offers multilingual teaching across different faculties.

Students may obtain a scholarship and student loan to finance their higher education.

Luxembourg has many private and international schools. As an alternative to public schools, there are many French- and English-speaking, as well as International, European schools and high schools in Luxembourg. Find an extensive list here.

For more information on education, discover City Savvy’s Education Guide.

How can Spuerkeess help?

As a local bank, we accompany children from their first day on.

8.1 New-borns

Spuerkeess and its insurance partner LALUX offer EUR 100 to all new-borns when opening a blocked savings account or a lalux-Study Cover. In addition, your child will receive a surprise gift at one of our branches.

8.2 Schoulspuerfester

As a tradition for nearly 60 years, Spuerkeess invites primary school children aged 6 to 7 years old and their teachers to an exclusive annual educational theatre play that aims to teach children the value of saving money in a fun way.

8.3 Tweenz


Spuerkeess’s Tweenz universe has all the savings products you need and a free fun-filled club for children from 6 to 12 years.

8.4 Axxess


While starting into the teenage years, studying, or working, Axxess Start, Study and Job are the ideal free banking packages that answer the needs of young people.

8.4 Cedies student loan           

When the university adventure calls, your child has the possibility of taking out a grant and a CEDIES loan with Spuerkeess and benefit from numerous free products and services as an Axxess Study account holder.

9. Transport

Public transport is free of charge across the entire country.


9.1. Public transport

More info:


       - Rail

       - Tram

       - Bus

In addition, cycling is a good alternative to get around, especially if you are living in the city:

       - Vel’oh: city bicycle network

       - Cycle paths: 23 national cycle trails, corresponding to 600km

Car sharing is another interesting option that you should consider:

       - Car sharing

9.2 Flying


Luxembourg has one national airport.


9.3. Driving


Speed limits in Luxembourg are different to other European countries:

  • Urban roads –50km/h
  • Non-urban roads – 90 km/h
  • Motorways – 130 km/h; 110 km/h when it is raining or with little visibility

9.3.1. Driving licence


EU driving licences issued before 1996 must be exchanged for a new driving license. Those issued after 1996 may be kept but need to be registered with the SNCA (Société Nationale de Circulation Automobile).

If you have a Non-EU driving licence, make sure you arrive with an international driving permit issued by your country of origin in order to have it converted into a Luxembourg licence by the Driving Licence Office within 1 year.

9.3.2. General information:

Cars require a civil liability-type insurance policy issued as a green card and proof of insurance by an insurer. This must always be kept in the car.

Car circulation tax is calculated according to the engine size of the vehicle and CO2 emissions. A tax certification will be automatically sent to you once your vehicle is registered.

It is possible to import your car:

       - Register it within 6 months of your date of declaration of arrival at the SNCA

       - Obtain a registration certificate: part 1 (grey) and part 2 (yellow)

       - Pass the necessary technical inspections in an authorized centre (SNCT)

9.4 Automobile Club du Luxembourg (ACL)


ACL offers assistance and benefits around mobility


If you're thinking of bringing your car with you to Luxembourg, describes the administrative steps to take.

If you are considering buying a car, you should take advantage of the special conditions during the yearly Autofestival.

How can Spuerkeess help?

If you decide to buy or lease a car, Spuerkeess has 2 solutions:


a) Lease+


If you are considering leasing a car for a fixed amount of time, you should consider Lease+, the all-inclusive private leasing package that makes your life easier. 


b) Personal loan


If you are considering buying your own car why not take out a Spuerkeess personal loan?

More info on the personal loan

10. Insurances

You can take out the following types of insurances with our partner LALUX:


Car insurance: minimum of third-party insurance (responsabilité civile).


  • Dental insurance
  • Contents insurance (covers goods inside home),
  • Life insurance,
  • Travel Insurance
  • Home insurance (recommended when buying, rental contracts might request this),
  • Liability insurance (taken out by many Luxembourg residents)

11. Integration

Luxembourg is a multilingual country, which gives you the opportunity to learn new languages. The best way is to mix with the locals. Alternatively, there are various classes organised by colleges, communes, other organisations and language schools.

In any case, should you decide to stay in Luxembourg and apply for the Luxembourg nationality, a language test is required.

More info on language schools and courses:

       - National Institute for Languages (INL)


       - Luxembourgish language & culture classes in Luxembourg City

       - Language School Berlitz

       - Inlingua

       - Prolingua Language Centre

12. Leisure

Small but mighty, Luxembourg has a lot to offer. Castles, museums, theatres, cinemas, bars, restaurants, parks, sports… Luxembourg provides a vast range of activities for your free time:

       - Sports and leisure activities

       - Art and culture

       - Going out

       - Nature and tours

Do not hesitate to contact your municipality for information on the closest centres and activities near you.