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As your financial partner, Spuerkeess is by your side at every stage of your company’s development, supporting you with customised solutions, both for your daily operational financing needs and for your investment and development projects.



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Creating your company A major challenge that requires careful preparation with specialists by your side.

Whether it be for the launch of a new business activity or for the development of an additional branch of activity within an existing company, creating a business is always a complex process that requires meticulous preparation.

Spuerkeess supports you:

  • in piloting your business plan
  • in the administrative processes concerning the necessary authorisations and possible state aid
  • in opening your first bank account with the issuance of a blocking certificate
  • in financing your first acquisitions
  • in issuing a rent payment guarantee
Welcome Offer: Entrepreneurs

Welcome Offer: Entrepreneurs

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Everyday management A package of services around your business current account

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Wealth management Spuerkeess provides advice in managing your assets

  • Surplus cash management
  • Short- to medium-term investments
  • Discretionary management of your finances and personal wealth

Insurance for professionals Have you considered insuring your company?

Contact our specialists who will help you optimise your insurance needs.

Dépliant "lalux - Guide des Assurances pour Entreprises" (French version only)

Dépliant "lalux - Guide des Assurances pour Entreprises" (French version only)

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Business succession How can you ensure that your work continues to bear fruit in the long term?

Business succession is a critical step in a company’s life. To ensure this change is successful, it is important to prepare the approach well and to surround yourself with experienced specialists.

Spuerkeess is able to offer bespoke and in-depth advice at the various stages of the transmission process. It provides information and assistance services, both for the transferors and the transferees, covering, among others, the following areas:

  • analysis and financing proposals adapted to each transfer project
  • advice on the issue of state aid and grants
  • issue of bank guarantees in favour of the transferee
  • issue of rent payment guarantees
  • management of the new company’s business accounts
  • management of the transferor’s wealth

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