S-Net Business

Manage your business finances like a pro!

S-Net Business meets your needs! Our new online banking solution has been specially designed for the self-employed, SMEs and associations.

Simplify the financial management of your business activities with complete confidence

  • A space dedicated to your business activities

    Designed exclusively for professionals, S-Net Business offers a user-friendly experience that meets your specific needs, with smoother navigation between your S-Net and S-Net Business environments. Take advantage of a financial situation specific to each of your business units to monitor changes in their accounts and cards in real time, and access 10 years of transaction history.

  • Efficient monitoring of payment orders

    Benefit from an intuitive, centralised view of all payment orders entered by users in your business unit.

  • Secure validation of payment orders

    Manage your transactions transparently by validating transactions in accordance with your business units’ powers of authority.

S-Net Business The ideal solution for your business finances

  • A space specially designed for your business activities
  • Intuitive and centralised monitoring of your payment orders
  • Validation of payments in compliance with your business unit's powers of authority
  • The ability to enter batches of grouped transfers
Use S-Net Business at no additional cost

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