Insure your future and protect your standard of living during retirement!

Save for tomorrow – benefit from today.

With S-Pension, Spuerkeess’s private pension savings plan, you can build up additional capital for your retirement through regularly savings in investment funds. At the same time, you benefit from tax deductions every year on the premiums paid relating to a private pension plan contract.

Upon maturity of the plan, at the earliest when you are 60 years old, you can choose between a lump sum repayment of the accumulated funds and life annuity payments (for all or part of the accumulated funds).

The maximum annual deductible amount in an S-Pension contract is set at EUR 3.200. If the taxpayer and his spouse/partner both take out a contract, the said deductible amount will be calculated individually for each spouse/partner, no matter if they have opted for a collective or an individual taxation.