What sets myTax apart from other existing solutions?

Whether you are a Luxembourg resident or not, the myTax assistant developed by Edonys makes taxation truly accessible to everyone, regardless of the complexity of their situation.

No supplement will be charged should you need appendices to your return and you will be clearly informed of the amount of tax to be recovered from or paid to the Luxembourg tax authority.

Here are the advantages most often reported by users:

  • The myTax assistant is remarkably user-friendly
  • Saving time and money thanks to an automatic pre-filling and the intelligence of the myTax algorithms
  • The most complex situations are handled and optimised (rental income, property sale, foreign income, investments, …)
  • Explanations guide the user throughout the entire questionnaire;
  • All tax benefits f for which a household may be eligible are considered;
  • Automatic updates conducted by Edonys and based on the most recent legal and regulatory changes free you from the yearly hassle of informing yourself