Various attempts at fraud with copies of bank cards produced using fairly sophisticated devices installed temporarily on cash machines (Skimming).


This equipment generally consists of :

  • a device to copy the magnetic strip of the card fitted in the slot where the card is inserted
  • a mini-camera hidden in various enclosures and positioned so as to be able to record the secret code. Sometimes, another device is also placed on top of the numeric keypad to retrieve the secret code.

If you spot such a device on a cash machine, try to memorise as many details as possible, but do not carry out any transaction.
Move away from the machine and do not seek a confrontation with the criminals by trying to remove the device.
Find somewhere, where you can use your mobile phone discreetly or look for a telephone box to call SIX Payment Services on 49 10 10 (number available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to block cards).