Pursuing academic studies often also means leaving the family nest and moving out on your own. Once you have found the right accommodation, the landlord will usually ask you for a rent guarantee worth several months’ rent. To make it easier for you to move into your student accommodation, Axxess Study includes a bank rent guarantee, valid in Luxembourg and abroad.

Axxess Study gives you the choice of:

  • a secured rent guarantee

If you deposit your own funds into an account frozen for the duration of the contract, fees are limited to a single payment of EUR 27. At the end of the contract, you will get the money you deposited back along with the accumulated interest.

  • an unsecured rent guarantee

The unsecured rent guarantee is limited to EUR 2.500 and carries an associated quarterly fee of EUR 27.

To apply for a rent payment guarantee, contact your Young Customer Advisor or stop by one of our branches.