Request a customised Lease Plus offer

You want to enjoy a new car for a fixed monthly payment that includes an all-inclusive service? You have already checked our special offers but your dream car didn’t figure among those?

With Lease Plus you can request a leasing offer for your dream car.

  • Go to the car dealer of your choice.
  • Configure your dream car.
  • Ask for a full and detailed estimate for your car.
  • Send the estimate to your Spuerkeess advisor via email or S-Net.
  • Together with our partner Leasys, our Lease Plus experts will make you a leasing offer for the car you chose.
  • Once your file has been assessed, you can sign your leasing contract in one of our Spuerkeess branches.
  • Our partner Leasys will order your car and inform you about the delivery date.
  • On the day of delivery, you can pick up your car at the car dealer’s.