26th September 2019

Why outsourcing sales is the next “big thing”

Outsourcing sales is becoming more and more popular, especially for startups and small companies that do not have the means to hire their own sales people. SOS stands for “Sales Outsourcing Services”. SOS offers its services to companies that are willing to scale-up fast in Europe by increasing their sales without them having to hire new people. While you focus on your core business, we facilitate the access to the market.

To a growing number of companies, operating your own sales team isn’t worth it any more

Whereas outsourcing sales started as a niche business aimed at supporting startups, sales teams nowadays are progressively searched for as companies face mounting pressure to cut costs in an increasingly onerous market environment. This is especially true here in Luxembourg. Under this model, instead of passing a sales person down the hallway, companies employ an outsourced team for a fraction of the usual costs. It might sound a little like an agency broker, but outsourced sales are a lot more intimate, with the provider acting almost as an in-house sales department from afar, picking up the company colors and its culture.

Outsourcing sales clearly is part of a company’s strategy to increase margins and reduce the time spent on endless recruiting processes. Add to these problems the potential salaries, expenses and high turnover.

Also, there is now a new generation of work seekers looking for multiple and diverse work experiences that some employers just can’t offer. Many also cannot cope with the substantial targets to be met or quit after being confronted to the high pressure. These are further reasons for the high turnover in the business.

Outsourcing sales will become a standard as outsourcing IT is now

The 3 main reasons to outsource your sales department:

  • Increased sales in number and volume: our clients gain access to a proven methodology and to senior sales people that are able to open doors where many others failed before.
  • Gain of time: the average training process for a sales person is 6 months, whereas we start selling from day 1.
  • Reduction in costs: sales people are a scarce resource in Luxembourg. Therefore they come at a price that many can’t afford. We manage sales at a fraction of this cost.

SOS in a few words:

Through our work we represent your business by managing all sales processes and requirements.

We are a team of sales experts that concentrate their efforts in delivering sales results for your business growth. Depending on your market, we are proposing either a digital or a direct sales channel. On the digital side, we are managing lead generation campaigns with a focus on conversions. On the direct side, we are getting in touch with qualified leads with a focus on B2B. In both cases, we support your plan from the business identification until the final sign up.

We started our entrepreneurship journey by knocking at Nyuko’s door. They supported us in our business idea and opened us doors to the Luxembourgish economic system. We now have our own operations and are serving numerous clients daily.

What types of companies subscribe to your services and what are their benefits?

Our clients are innovative small and medium-sized companies active in various fields of business. They are currently only based in Luxembourg but operate throughout the European member states. Currently, we are counting fintechs, startups, software and service providers among our customers.

This is the beauty of our model. We are guided by a proven methodology named “APEF” that has 20 years of successful track record in B2B complex sales.

Nyuko has signed a partnership with Spuerkeess, in order to foster entrepreneurial spirit and strengthening the bank's position with company founders from the start of their businesses. More info in our article: https://www.spuerkeess.lu/en/blog/experts-corner/nyuko-fostering-entrepreneurial-spirit/. 

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