25th March 2019

Ruth Gallery, a trendy art gallery

Ruth Gallery is a contemporary art gallery that aims to showcase different cultures from all over the world. Having presented the pop art universe a few months ago with Dganit Blechner and Michael Waizman to celebrate the new year in our new exhibition venue, we have now turned our attention to Vietnam. Integrating art into the professional environment is a great way to create social links and to boost the corporate culture. Ruth Gallery rents paintings, sculptures and photographs to companies and self-employed professionals to decorate their offices. This mobile gallery passionately supports its artists while aiming to open new horizons to contemporary art through entrepreneurship.

Ruth gallery had the chance to take advantage of nyuko's help and advice in order to launch their project. Unlike traditional art galleries, Ruth Gallery is a new form of contemporary art gallery that travels from company to company. Through its unique concept, Ruth Gallery makes art available to everyone. Moreover, it introduces original concepts for exhibiting works of art based on the needs of each company, through a customised service. The team encourages and helps Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to start their own collection.

Our mission is to promote high-quality art in workspaces. We therefore offer companies pieces of art from local artists as well as emerging contemporary artists from Vietnam, and contemporary Pop Art. We want to make contemporary art widely available by offering affordable pieces.  As we are keen to encourage our clients to travel the world through art, we invite them to renew their pieces every four to six months.

Ruth Gallery wants to extract art from traditional exhibitions to bring it to its clients.

Our clients and services

At the moment, Ruth Gallery is particularly focused on SMEs and self-employed professionals, but we are working to extend our rental services to individuals.

We offer:

  • Long-term rentals with the possibility of purchasing the pieces
  • Artwork rentals for special events
  • All the pieces available on our website are for sale
  • It will soon be possible to buy them online via the Artsy platform
  • Organisation of private or corporate viewings

We try to make all our events educational by organising conferences on specific art-related themes. As such, we established the new and unique concept of “Soirées de l'Art”. The first event of this kind will be held on 24 and 25 April 2019 at Neumünster Abbey.

Our main goal is to make opening and closing events exceptional evenings. We therefore lay on a conference, a guided tour of the exhibition on display, a cocktail party and/or dinner, and a live DJ to finish off the festivities.

We wanted this first edition to be focused on “Female Artists”. Exhibiting the work of female artists is essential for highlighting their presence and underlining their importance in the art world. It helps to change our vision of women’s role in art (which is often viewed as being limited to that of a muse or inspirer) and to present models with whom we can all identify. We want to explore beyond the purely aesthetic side of art by also presenting the production and reception of the artwork, therefore highlighting the conditions that need to be met to obtain the artist status and the recognition that goes with it.

Our strengths

Our main strength is that we guarantee the quality of the works we offer. We visit the artists in their studios, but we mostly select them at international contemporary art fairs, such as the “Affordable Art Fair” and “Art Karlsruhe”. We also have partnerships with influential art galleries at these fairs, who are already well-known in Singapore, Tel Aviv, Berlin and Hamburg. We therefore benefit from the experience and expertise of our partners.

A word on the entrepreneur

Lova Ruth Cohen-Sizyandji, the founder of Ruth Gallery, has the vision of making art accessible to as many people as possible. This passionate gallerist and contemporary art enthusiast is part of the generation of women in their forties who have managed to preserve their youthful attitude, and just like the head of a start-up, she is always looking for new ideas.

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