12th July 2022

The bridge side of life: Spuerkeess unveils its new campaign

After months of reflection and discussion, Spuerkeess began to release its teaser ads, giving a behind-the-scenes look at its new image campaign and gradually revealing its concept. The brand, which won Top Brand in Luxembourg in 2021 and is positioned as the bank that offers banking solutions for all, aims to be there for key moments in its customers' lives. We spoke with Claude Faber, Team Manager in the Communications division within Spuerkeess's Marketing unit, to learn more about the motivations for this new image campaign.

"Your bridge to life": Five questions for Claude Faber

The new campaign titled "The bridge side of life", unveiled to coincide with National Day on 23 June 2022, replaces the previous "I feel good" campaign launched two years earlier in 2020 right at the beginning of the pandemic. Although everything is going digital to meet customers' needs, Spuerkeess still believes in the personal relationship and recognises the importance of the interaction between its customers and employees.

1. Claude, can you explain the approach taken by Spuerkeess's new image campaign?

Spuerkeess had signalled its brand repositioning in 2020 with its remarkable "I feel good" branding campaign. This campaign, set to the sound of James Brown's iconic song, depicted the banker/customer relationship and our role as enabler in helping our customers achieve their dreams. The ads show bankers celebrating with their customers after completing a project. We introduced our new tagline, "Your bridge to life", in this campaign. One unusual aspect of the ads was that the bankers were played by actual Spuerkeess employees.

The new campaign is once again a 100% made in Luxembourg production in which music plays a key role. The artistic genre selected for this production is musical theatre. The focus remains on the relationship between the banker and the consumer. But this time the setting is the moment when the customer's project has not yet become a reality, when he is still dreaming, wondering how he will be able to finance it, and having doubts about its feasibility. Then the banker chimes in, empathetically remembering his first car, first home, and first investment, and promising to support the customer and find the right solution for him.

We specifically wanted to showcase this special relationship and the empathy and expertise that our advisors offer every day. These are the qualities that set us apart from our competitors and, in particular, from the all-digital banking offers.

2. Did you face any challenges and, if so, how did you meet them?

This type of production presents many challenges, which we overcame mainly by bringing in all the right people. We had to get the bankers to dance, a task that Sylvia Camarda, our choreographer, easily accomplished, mostly by making sure our advisors felt comfortable in their role. As musical theatre always strikes a balance between fantasy and realism, we had to create the right visual environment.

Yann Tonnar, our director, and Nikos Welter, our director of photography, got some great footage, thanks mainly to their decision to film in our iconic Plateau Bourbon buildings. Our composer André Dziezuk composed the perfect music, creating a unique, memorable and catchy score.

3. What does being "POP" mean?

Being "POP" means that any interaction with our Bank should be pleasant and provide a positive experience, whether for advisory services at a branch or the user experience when a customer performs everyday transactions via S-Net, for example.

Second, we are an open bank that is accessible to all. Open to all because anyone can become a customer, but also open to internal diversity.

Lastly, we are proud. Proud to be the leading bank on our market, proud that our customers trust us because they know we are a reliable partner for all their projects and, finally, proud of our sustainable approach, both in our relationships with our customers and in general as a socially responsible actor in society where we fully embrace our role as transition enabler.

4. How did you manage to involve employees in this 100% made in Luxembourg production?

That was the easiest part of the whole project. Given the success of the previous campaign, all the colleagues who were asked to audition said yes. It is of course a great honour to represent your employer in its brand image ads.

5. What is the main message for the Bank's current and future customers?

Whether your dream is within reach or very ambitious, don't hesitate to discuss it with your Spuerkeess advisor. Our advisors are ready to help you and support you at every stage of life. While some dreams will remain dreams, our advisors will share their expertise with you and advise you on finding the best financing or investment solution for you and your project.

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