8th February 2022

Spuerkeess payment cards, now better than ever!

Spuerkeess was a pioneer in instant payments, allowing money to be sent all across Europe in less than 10 seconds. In the interest of constantly innovating, the bank continuously works to implement solutions aimed at simplifying the lives of its customers even further. The Business Innovation department presents us at the start of the year the instant issuance of payment cards and what that means for the bank's customers.

New debit and credit cards, available immediately for all customers

Spuerkeess now offers all S-Net customers the opportunity to choose their new payment card from the wide range of debit and credit cards offered in the S-Net Store. Once the card has been selected, customers no longer have to wait for it to be delivered by post because all the data needed to make online payments are directly available in S-Net and can thus be easily used on all e-commerce sites.

No need to wait for the card to be delivered to start using it

The new card’s 16-digit number, expiry date and CVV2 code are the data needed to execute online payments, and these data are available in the customer’s S-Net account as soon as the card is ordered.

Customers can immediately make purchases on all e-commerce sites and register their new card in Apple Pay so they can make contactless NFC payments at brick-and-mortar shops. Of course, customers who already have their cards have not been forgotten, as their card data are also stored in S-Net and S-Net Mobile.

New instant cards offer the same conveniences as traditional cards

We are always looking for new ways to serve our customers better, so naturally we want to cut down on their waiting time at all costs. To that end, our integrated digital solution already includes a variety of practical features, such as instant payments, push messages, configuration of card payment settings, etc.

From now on, all new Spuerkeess cards will be instantly issued and will continue to offer our customers the following benefits:

  • A push message is sent for each payment made with the card;
  • The card can be temporarily blocked, for example in case it gets lost, and unblocked once it is found again;
  • The debit/credit limit can be increased/decreased 24/7:
  • All payments and pre-authorisations can be checked;
  • Certain types of transactions can be blocked, such as using the card outside Europe, cash withdrawals and much more.

Payments made using instant cards are of course subject to all insurance cover associated with the different card ranges. For security reasons, each instant card is automatically enrolled in the “3D Secure” security mechanism and linked to the customer's LuxTrust token.

Customers also receive a traditional plastic card and a customisable PIN code by post within a few days of placing their order online, so they can fully enjoy the use of their card all around the world.

Instant issuance complements the wide range of digital services associated with our payment cards and underscores our commitment to provide our customers with a complete toolkit that can be used to manage their cards in all circumstances.
Alain Scholtes, Deputy Head of Business Unit, Spuerkeess.
Payments Innovation