17th April 2020

Spuerkeess Direct branch

Frank Fischer, Head of Spuerkeess Direct, explains the concept of Spuerkeess Direct, the branch available from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Friday to carry out your main banking transactions.

Explain the “Spuerkeess Direct” concept!

Spuerkeess Direct is a new service that provides professional, interpersonal and social services to our customers. Above all, it is a tool that works alongside our branch network and our online banking service to enable our customers to carry out their main banking transactions without having to leave the house and without the need of an internet connection.


With extended hours from Monday to Friday (7.00 am - 7.00 pm), our advisers can be joined by phone on (+352) 4015-1 or by email via spuerkeessdirect@spuerkeess.lu (sdi@spuerkeess.lu).

These employees are specially trained to offer a high-quality tailor-made service to customers' individual needs. All these factors enable us to offer a quick and efficient service in line with our customers’ expectations.

It is a centre of expertise that brings together specialist advisers offering the same services as any other Spuerkeess branch, with one difference: communications are conducted remotely and customers do not need to leave their home.

How is the Spuerkeess Direct multi-disciplinary team structured?

Spuerkeess Direct employees provide all-round expertise, covering all the products and services offered to our retail customers, as well as assistance and support for the bank’s digital and electronic solutions. The team therefore offers complementary skills so that it can resolve problems and execute transactions as quickly as possible.

After its pilot phase in October 2019, the Spuerkeess Direct team is now composed of employees with proven professional experience in various banking activities that Spuerkeess covers. The size of this new team is subject to adaptation to be able to meet all customer needs.

Above all, it is a tool (...) to enable our customers to carry out their main banking transactions without having to leave the house and without the need of an internet connection.

Frank Fischer

What services do you offer?

Spuerkeess Direct offers all the services of a Spuerkeess branch, in particular routine transactions, with the exception of those that require physical attendance at a branch, such as opening a safe deposit box, cash payments, etc.

In these cases, Spuerkeess Direct cannot execute the transaction. However, our advisers are able to redirect customers to their closest or preferred branch and arrange an appointment with a branch adviser. In view of the development of the pandemic, Spuerkeess ensures access to banking services via remote advice and recommends the following alternatives to be used as a preferred option:

  • the use of payment cards,
  • the use of S-Bank ATMs
  • the use of the internet-banking solutions S-Net and S-Net Mobile

However, “Cash@Home”, a home cash delivery service, has been introduced for our vulnerable and elderly customers who have no other alternative for withdrawing cash.