4th July 2023

Are you moving to Luxembourg? Our partner relocation agents can assist you.

Luxembourg has a large community of foreign workers, with some 175 nations living side by side in our small country. Our colleague Simône van Schouwenburg, who is responsible for onboarding new arrivals, works closely with relocation agencies. Learn how a relocation agency can help and meet Simône’s partners.

You've chosen to work and live in Luxembourg. How can a relocation agency help?

You're looking for help with your arrival in Luxembourg. New country, new culture, the main aim of an agency is to ease your transition and help you settle into your new environment without too much stress and worry.  

Most relocation agencies offer a personalized service tailored to your specific needs: 

  • Finding suitable accommodation 

  • Moving house 

  • Help finding a school for your children 

  • Visas, work permits 

  • Cultural orientation 

  • Help with your banking onboarding ahead of arrival 

  • Administrative management of formalities, such as work permits, Visa’s, immigration matters, etc.  

  • Mobility  

  • Insurance and other important information and services  

Using a relocation agency normally means being able to take advantage of a network of local contacts, expertise in international moves and taking the plunge into another country and culture without too much stress plus less time invest.

As a specialist for the onboarding at Spuerkeess, Simône van Schouwenburg works closely with several renowned relocation agencies that present themselves below.  

Meet our partner Anywr: 3 questions, 3 tips

What are the services that Anywr offers to your customers? 

Anywr has its own local, expert relocation team. Our flexible working methods allow us to adapt quickly to the Expats’ needs. We meticulously respect all standards, legal requirements, and recommendations.  

What are the specific needs of Anwyr’s customers?

Our Expats need both workplace and social support if they are to succeed on their assignments to Luxembourg.

Can you give us an example of a successful relocation or of any difficulties encountered at Anywr? 

The demand for rental properties exceeds the supply and are extremely expensive.  

Luxembourg, with its multilingual environment can be challenging, but with all the different nationalities represented in Luxembourg, it is easy to make friends from your own country although this can make it harder to integrate. 

 Anywr’s 3 trips for a successful installation in Luxembourg  

  • Make use of a trusted, experienced Relocation Company. 

  • Widen your search radius to give you more property options. 

  • Be open minded, expect differences, and try to learn one of the local languages. 

What describes best your services? 

A unique, enriching experience for the Expat.
Annemarie Wispelweij


+352 621 149 276 


Meet our partner Dwellworks: 3 questions, 3 tips

What are the services that Dwellworks offers to its customers? 

Dwellworks supports individuals (and their families) when they are relocated by their company to Luxembourg, supporting with Destination Services, which includes finding a home, sourcing a school(s) and helping them settle into their new community. 

What are the specific needs of Dwellworks’ customers? 

For our customers, their new role needs to take priority. Dwellworks is there for them to ensure they can focus on that whilst we reduce the stress and time required to settle into their new life.

Can you give us an example of a successful relocation or of any difficulties encountered at Dwellworks? 

The rental market in Luxembourg is challenging due to demand for properties being higher than supply.  As such, viewings can be limited, and very fast decisions are needed.  It is essential that customers are clear on this in order to ensure success. 

Dwellworks’ 3 trips for a successful installation in Luxembourg  

  • Be flexible. 

  • Trust your consultant. 

  • Learn to love the culture. 

What describes best your services? 

Proud to combine years of experience with a strong desire to look after each and every person we relocate, ensuring they have the best possible experience and settle into their new life without stress.
Charlotte Fleming

Meet our partner ERS: 3 questions, 3 tips

What are the services that ERS (European Relocation Services) offers to its customers? 

Are you relocating to or out of Luxembourg? Trust our experts to handle your specific needs. From immigration support to home search, logistic support, and cultural integration, we cater to your unique requirements. Your smooth transition starts here! 

What are the specific needs of ERS’s clients? 

Personalized solutions for visa/permit processing, home search, school enrolment, settling in services in a timely manner - ERS strives to make it happen even quicker. 

Can you give us an example of a successful relocation or of any difficulties encountered? 

We are committed to making every relocation a triumph, overcoming obstacles, and transforming challenges into opportunities. European Relocation Services takes pride in exceptional service that is reflected in glowing Google reviews.

One of the recent is a customer with 30 years of experience in international human resources. She relocated many people in her career and gave us feedback as “the most professional, knowledgeable and caring company she worked with” by providing “excellent service with unparalleled knowledge of Luxembourg” which is “shared in person and with professional material in a timely and professional manner”.

Customer satisfaction is our mission. Receiving feedback from our customers (positive or negative) commits us to excellence. 

ERS’s 3 trips for a successful installation in Luxembourg  

  • Plan ahead, communicate your needs and teamwork with your consultant with transparency.  

  • Trust professional guidance for legal and administrative matters. 

  • Embrace the local culture and engage in networking opportunities. 

What describes best your services? 

European relocation services go beyond expectations, providing a smooth and stress-free transition for expatriates using 25 years of expertise of the Luxembourg market. From start to finish, we take care of every detail, ensuring your relocation journey is exceptional.  

Happy Transferee – Happy Us! Your smooth transition is our success story.
Sylvie Schmit


+352 621 50 4888 



Meet our partner LuxRelo: 3 questions, 3 tips

What are the services that LuxRelo offers to its customers? 

LuxRelo is a work permit specialist and offers Immigration and relocation services to newcomers to Luxembourg. Accommodation search, installation, registration with the local authorities and various administrative services. 

What are the specific needs of LuxRelo’s clients? 

Our clients need to be freed from administrative and installation constraints when they arrive in Luxembourg, so that they can have a free mind and quickly concentrate on their new job. 

Can you give us an example of a successful relocation or of any difficulties encountered? 

A testimonial describes the quality of our relocation service: "A fantastic experience, we couldn't have asked for more! Getting a flat in Luxembourg is completely different from my country.

Without the advice of my LuxRelo consultant, I wouldn't have been able to do it; having someone tell me everything that needs to be done, and when, is priceless!  

The main difficulty is managing the employee's expectations with the reality of the market in Luxembourg. 

LuxRelo’s 3 trips for a successful installation in Luxembourg  

  • Plan a housing budget in line with your salary and the market. 

  • Provide the required administrative documents promptly. 

  • Use a relocation company. 

L’immigration et la relocation en toute simplicité
Sandrine Lapointe-Compain et Stéphane Compain



+352 691 455 025 


Meet our partner MMC: 3 questions, 3 tips

What are the services that MMC offers to its customers? 

Management Mobility Consulting specializes in relocation and international mobility assistance for expatriate employees in Luxembourg. We offer turnkey packages to make it easier for new arrivals to settle in. From finding accommodation to registering children at school and dealing with administrative formalities, we cover a wide range of services to make daily life easier for our customers. 

Our strength lies in offering a wide range of services that meet our customers' expectations. 

What are the specific needs of MMC’s clients? 

Support in finding accommodation is a very popular service with our customers, and we also offer assistance in obtaining work/residence permits for non-EU employees. We always take a personalized approach and listen to our clients' needs, so we know how to respond positively to their expectations.  

Getting to know Luxembourg has been a much sought-after service in recent years as a way of attracting talent in a dynamic market. Thanks to our Look&See, we make them want to move to Luxembourg. Our customers put their trust in us and let us guide them through their move, allowing them to concentrate on their core functions. 

Can you give us an example of a successful relocation or of any difficulties encountered? 

As soon as all the members of the family feel at home in their new environment, we can say that the installation was successful. Several factors need to be considered, and particular attention paid to what is important to the customer.  

When a happy customer thanks us for our help, congratulates us on our responsiveness, and sends us snapshots of their new life here in Luxembourg, we can say that the relocation was a success.

Can you give us an example of a successful relocation or of any difficulties encountered? 

  • Call on a relocation expert. 

  • Find out about specific administrative formalities. 

  • Get advice on neighbourhoods and housing possibilities. 

What describes best your services? 

Turnkey solutions for a successful transition: Management Mobility Consulting, your partner of choice.
Imène Arfaoui-Marzouk


+352 28 77 28 70 


Many thanks to our partners for these insights!

Simône: do you have a final word on what describes Spuerkeess’ onboarding services best?

Spuerkeess provides you with a happy and smooth landing in Luxembourg.
Simône van Schouwenburg