Can I modify or cancel an order after validation?

If an order is not completely validated, it can be modified or cancelled in the "Orders to confirm" in the menu "Order Monitoring" section.

Once an order is completely validated, the following cases apply:

  1. For a transfer order: It can be cancelled or modified if it is still "to be counter-validated" for a future date. Managing these orders is done either via the "Manage" button in the details of each validated order or via the "Future movements" section of the relevant accounts. Please note that any modification of an order invalidates all previous validations.
  2. For a standing order creation or modification: It can no longer be modified in the "Order Monitoring" section and immediately moves to the "Processed" status in the "Order History" tab. Active permanent orders are then managed exclusively via the "Recurring payments" section under the "Payments" menu.